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Summon of The Sword novel Chapter 1619

"What is it?"

Sean asked, looking curiously at Ronald. He knew that the weapons dealer was about to mention his business, namely weapons.

Sure enough, Ronald immediately said, "Well, the City-State Union has recently developed a massive new weapon called the stronghold giant crossbow. I wonder if you're interested, Mr. Lennon. The stronghold giant crossbow is so powerful that it could be useful on the battlefield. If the city defense army is interested, I could buy some."

"Do you have pictures and descriptions?"

Sean asked.

Ronald immediately nodded before pulling out his phone and showing Sean and Zander the photo.

The stronghold giant crossbow in the photo was huge. It was about 2.5 meters high after installation. The arms of the giant crossbow were about 3.5 meters.

The stronghold giant crossbow fired giant arrows that measured up to two meters in length and weighed around 30 kilograms.

A stronghold giant crossbow like this was indeed a powerful weapon for defending the city!

Dorodo's city defense army would be significantly more defensive when equipped with such a stronghold giant crossbow.

Of course, such a stronghold giant crossbow must have been expensive. Otherwise, a top-tier weapons dealer like Ronald would not have been so aggressive in promoting it to Sean and Zander.

"What's the price of this stronghold giant crossbow?"

Sean gave the phone back to Ronald.

Ronald smiled and held up one hand, spreading out five fingers.

"Half a million Dragon dollars?"

Sean asked.

Ronald shook his head and said, "500 thousand Union dollars."

Dragon Dollar and Union Dollar could be used in the City-State Union without barriers.

However, Dragon Dollar did not have the same value as Union Dollar.


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