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Summon of The Sword novel Chapter 1620

Lorenzo quickly retreated to avoid it, but the slap did not really fall.

"It's not that I won't help you. It's because I can't! Mr. Lennon is no ordinary man! I'm telling you. Even if the mayor Quentin showed up today, he couldn't save you either! If you hadn't given in and apologized, that man would have killed you!"

"Are you exaggerating it to scare me? I don't believe he has that much power... Tell me who this Lennon is."

Lorenzo asked, looking unconcerned.

Dwayne immediately said, "You don't recognize him? He is... is... Forget it. I'm not telling you. But keep in mind that you can't afford to mess with that man!"


Lorenzo snorted coldly.

Dwayne knew Lorenzo did not keep his warning in mind when he saw Lorenzo's behavior.

However, Lorenzo was not his biological son, so why did he care?



Three days later.

Sean was working in the commander-in-chief's office.

There was no ongoing war, so there was not much work to do, and most of it was trivial.

Even so, Sean took everything seriously, especially the financial aspects.

They were in the City-State Union, far from Dragon Kingdom, and you could describe Dorodo's city defense army's situation as being far away from the central government and thus beyond its control.

Therefore, Sean had to avoid things like embezzlement of military funds inside the army camp.

Fortunately, there was no such phenomenon in the army camp after a period of inspection, which pleased him.

Just then, Zander strode in.


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