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The Deserted Rich Beauty novel Chapter 1575

Nicole ate a small bowl and could not eat anymore.

Floyd's complexion looked much better.

He asked her in a gentle voice, "Are you still feeling unwell? Do you want to continue sleeping for a while?"

Nicole shook her head.

"How’s Clayton?"

She could not help but ask.

Floyd raised his head to look at Grant.

Grant coughed. His face was sunken, and he looked like he was in a dilemma.

"He’s fine. He's still under observation. Uncle Sven's professor brought the latest medical equipment over today, so there's a lot of hope."

Nicole listened and nodded.

She hid the anxiety and sadness at the bottom of her heart.

Floyd sighed. "Lil N, take care of yourself first. Let your brother worry about Clayton. He saved you, so we won't treat him badly."

Nicole nodded. "I know."

After saying that, she paused and looked at Grant.

"The news of my disappearance didn’t spread, right?"

Grant nodded. "No, only a few people know about it. W e told the rest that you went abroad on vacation and surveyed the market in the meantime, so no one suspected anything."

Nicole breathed a sigh of relief. "That’s good."

Floyd stayed with Nicole all day. He happily became her caregiver, pouring water and washing fruit for her.

It made Grant too embarrassed to leave. Some work matters were brought over to the ward to deal with since going back and forth was very exhausting.

Nicole was in good spirits. She waited for Director Sven's professor to come over and give Clayton a thorough examination. Then, after starting the latest treatment method, she was completely at ease.

Director Sven’s mentor had high hopes for Clayton’s recovery.

"This isn't the worst patient I've ever encountered. As long as he doesn't give up mentally, then leave it to us t o treat him physically. He'll be fine, trust me."

Director Sven nodded his head repeatedly and turned around to tell Nicole the good news.

Seeing that there was nothing seriously wrong with Nicole, Floyd asked Grant to arrange so many bodyguards around the hospital and the wards that even a fly could not enter.


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