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The Deserted Rich Beauty novel Chapter 1576

Grant came back.

"Now that you’ve seen it with your own eyes, are you relieved?”

Nicole flashed a smile and nodded. "Mm... Thank you, Big Brother. I heard Director Sven say that they’ve saved a lot of trouble with your help. Otherwise, I'm afraid that Clayton wouldn’t have been able to pull through this time..."

Grant let out a light laugh.

"It's all for your sake. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have this treatment.”

Nicole’s eyes were glimmering with joy because she was finally back.

Grant took out a phone from his pocket and handed it over to Nicole.

"Your original phone broke, so I got a new one for you. Everything has been transferred. By the way, Yvette has been very worried about you. She felt very guilty for calling you that night. If you’re up for it, you can return a call...”

Nicole’s body stiffened for a moment before she took the phone.

She slapped her head. "OMG! I almost forgot! Yvette must be so anxious!"

Although it was that phone call from Yvette that gave Nicole the chance to be alone, Nicole was clear that Yvette could not be blamed for this matter.

Even without Yvette, Caleb would have found other opportunities to kidnap Nicole.

It did not have anything to do with Yvette.

Nicole immediately felt bad. She found Yvette's number and dialed it.

It took a while before Yvette picked up.

"Nicole! Sorry, Grant... Is there any news about Nicole?"

Yvette's voice was hoarse yet cautious.

It was as if she was afraid of hearing any bad news that she could not accept.

All the calls Yvette made to Nicole during this period were answered by Grant.

That was because she was the only one who knew that Nicole went missing. Thus, Grant only answered her calls for Nicole.

However, Yvette asked about Nicole too often, and Grant was a little impatient. He would only answer one call in a few days.

To Yvette, it felt like Grant was blaming her, so she felt even more guilty.

Nicole’s heart sank slightly. Perhaps the one person who felt worse than she did these days was Yvette.


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