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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 1471

Blood… Terrifying, crimson blood!

Thinking of Mary’s gruesome death, Shannon suddenly felt a piercing ringing in her ears. She was drenched in cold sweat as if she had drowned, and her colorless lips trembled uncontrollably.

“Mrs. Salvador? Mrs. Salvador, are you alright?” Hunter noticed her abnormality and asked in surprise.

“No… Nothing.” Shannon’s cuffed hands curled into a ball underneath the table, fiercely cutting off the memories in her brain.

“Mrs. Salvador, you haven’t answered my question yet.”

Hunter asked again, “You need to be honest with me. Are you still responsible for any other lives? This is extremely important for me to defend you in court and protect your reputation. Although it was just a maid who died, Justin and Bella are clearly trying to use this case as a breakthrough to bring you down completely. They will definitely do everything in their power to dig through your past. It’s hard to say what evidence against you they might throw out in court.”

Shannon’s body still trembled uncontrollably as she bit her lip tightly.

“I don’t have any ulterior motives for asking you this question. I only want to increase our chances of winning in court. Now, you need to be entirely honest with me. Trust me and cooperate with me. I can only stand undefeated in court if I know everything about you.”

Shannon let out a chilling sneer. “Mr. Lovett, are you really trying to help me, or are you only doing this to protect your own legendary record?”

Hunter did not like being asked this question, but due to her status as Mrs. Salvador, he still had to flatter her. “Compared to my undefeated record, it’s more important to help you clear your name, of course.”

“Forget it. I can’t trust any of you lawyers!”

Out of anxiety, Shannon’s legs shook as if she were having a seizure. “If I told you, you would have another weapon to blackmail me with in the future. I’ve seen too many of these despicable tricks. Don’t think of lying to me!”

Hunter frowned and asked, “So you mean... There’s really something?”


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