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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 1472

Bethany thought, ‘Just you wait. Sooner or later…’

At this moment, a series of footsteps sounded.

Gregory and Bethany instinctively turned around, and their faces darkened.

The people entering were Justin and Bella, with a few people from the Thompson family following behind them.

Asher, Ralph, Amelia, and even the three mistresses have come to use their actions to support the victims.

In such a critical moment, Ryan should have come to cheer them on, but this matter concerns Carrie’s mother. Afraid that his lover would break down after hearing the news, he decided to accompany her at home.

Bethany glared at Bella, gritting her teeth. However, Bella did not even spare her a glance, giving her no chance to vent at all. All she could do was stay mad silently.

Bella’s beautiful face was only adorned with light makeup today. She wore a pearl-white suit that was spotless, with a blue sapphire brooch of her own design pinned to her chest, looking elegant and poised.

Standing tall beside her was Justin. His tailored black suit accentuated his lean figure, making him appear steady and imposing.

They sat in the first row with the Salvadors, but the aisle between them felt like an insurmountable chasm, creating a clear line with the Salvadors.

“Dad, look at what Justin is doing! What is he thinking?”

Bethany did not forget to sow discord. “He is the Salvador Corporation’s president, but he openly stands on the opposite side from us, sitting with the Thompson family. Isn’t he making a joke of you and letting everyone laugh at us?!”

Gregory gritted his teeth, a burning flame simmering within his chest.


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