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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 1475

The courtroom fell silent. Even the actors Gregory hired could not help being moved by Steven’s speech and the victim’s story, casting looks of undisguised contempt and disdain at Shannon.

The image of Linny’s gruesome death by gunshot resurfaced in Bella’s mind cruelly once again.

Bella felt as if her heart was twisted by a knife. She covered her ears and closed her eyes, feeling as if she had fallen into a vacuum-sealed jar. Her smooth forehead was covered by sweat, almost suffocating her.

“Bella, don’t think about it... I’m here.” Justin quickly held her shoulder and pulled her into his embrace, resting her forehead on his shoulder and comforting her softly.

Although she was not related to Linny, witnessing the girl’s death was a near-fatal blow to someone as kind as Bella.

“Justin… I still think that I’m a sinner.” Bella sobbed and choked up beside the man.

Listening to her sobs, Justin felt heartbroken. He comforted her with reddened eyes, “Don’t say that. My Bella is not a sinner. The two people at the defendant’s stand are the real unforgivable evildoers.”

After Steven finished speaking, it was the defendant’s turn to make her statement.

Shannon tearfully delivered the speech Hunter had prepared for her, the acting skills from her early years coming into use.

“Your Honor, what reason do I have to kill a maid? What would I gain from it? This might all stem from personal grudges between Linny and Winston. After all, they’re of the same status in the Salvador Corporation, and Winston always acted high and mighty because he was my aide, often bullying the maids. Linny must have offended him in private, causing him to have murderous intent!”


Winston had turned into the state’s witness, only thinking about protecting himself. He immediately retorted, “Your Honor, Linny had dirt on Shannon, so she paid me to get rid of her! Shannon is the mastermind. I followed her orders as I was afraid of her status as the Salvador Corporation’s lady boss. Otherwise, my life could be in danger! Even so, she still sent someone after me while I was in prison! I still have scars on my neck!”


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