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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 1474

In the whole courtroom, apart from the actors Gregory arranged, everyone glared at Shannon with hateful and loathing eyes.

Even her own daughter, Bethany, cast a despising and disgusted glance at her mother, who was always thinking about how to sell her out.

Shannon had come prepared for this trial. She requested to use the washroom before going to court, wetting her face and making herself appear like a pitiful woman constantly tormented in the pits of hell. Coupled with her innocent expression, she truly put on a masterclass performance.

Indeed, when Gregory saw Shannon looking at him as if begging for help, her damsel-in-distress appearance immediately pulled him back to the time when they first met.

His stone-cold heart suddenly had a small crack.

“Wicked witch… I want you to pay for Linny’s death with your life! I want your life!”

Linny’s grandmother found it hard to suppress her anger when she saw Shannon appear. She trembled and roared, tears streaming down her face. It was a sight that made people’s hearts ache.

At this moment, Shannon shed tears, shaking her head helplessly, as if she were really wrongfully accused.

They were on public trial this time, and everything will be on camera, making it a stage of sorts.

Shannon was still the main character!

Before going into court, Hunter had patted his chest and guaranteed her that the charge of her hiring for murder would not stand. All she had to do was cooperate fully with his performance.

“Grandma! Please stay calm! Take a deep breath!” Steven ran to Linny’s grandmother anxiously.


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