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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 746

Chapter 746 

Faced with Bella’s honesty, Christopher felt his heart ache. His hands. were tightly clenched under the bedsheets. 

“Justin and I were married for three years, but I’ve known him for even longer than that, much longer than you can imagine,” Bella spoke 


She could not deny that those memories still caused a slight 

heartache. “He was once my entire world. But later, he tore my heart 

apart when he divorced me. If it were you, could you turn a blind eye 

to someone like that? Could you truly expect me to forget everything 

that happened?” 

“Bella, I…” Christopher began, but Bella interrupted him. 

“But don’t think that my life revolves solely around Justin. It’s not that 

extreme.” Bella waved her hand casually, masking the sadness in her eyes. “Life must go on. I just need some time.” 

“Bella, no matter how long it takes, I’ll wait for you.” Christopher’s 

pale face showed the anguish he felt. He struggled to sit up, but Bella 

stopped him. 

“Chris! You’re still injured! Don’t move recklessly!” 

“Even if it takes 10 years, 20 years, or a lifetime, I’m willing to wait for you to heal. I’ll wait for you to notice me.” Christopher’s voice 

quivered as he held Bella’s hand tightly. 

“Let go of me first. Stop behaving like this.” Bella widened her eyes, quickly pulling her hand away. 

As Christopher was still weak, his body swayed, and he nearly fell off 

the bed. 

“Mr. Iverson, be careful!” Taylor rushed to support him and pleaded 

with Bella. “Ms. Thompson, I beg you. Can you look after Mr. Iverson, 

considering he suffered a serious injury for your sake? Even a small 

gesture would suffice.” 

“Taylor, forget it. Don’t trouble Ms. Thompson. Cough, cough…” 

Christopher held his chest and coughed a few times. His forehead 

was drenched in sweat. “She’s not at fault. It’s me… I was too 


Bella furrowed her brows lightly, remaining silent. 

At that moment, a series of “dings” echoed in the room as multiple 

phones rang simultaneously. 

Bella felt a wave of confusion wash over her. While two phones 

ringing might be dismissed as a coincidence, the simultaneous 

ringing of three phones raised suspicions. She took out her phone 

and looked at the screen. 

It was a Twitter notification. 

[Justin Salvador’s Love Affair with Zoe Hoffman Exposed] 

[Justin Salvador and Zoe Hoffman Caught in Hotel Room Together, 

Includes Video + Photos!] 


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