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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 747

Chapter 747 

With a loud bang, Bella slammed the door to the bathroom. She 

stormed in and plopped down on the toilet seat. 

She bit her lip as she scrolled through Twitter, sweating bullets as she 

read the comments. 

[LOL! I knew it! Men are such lying and cheating bastards! Rumor has 

it that Justin Salvador is having a hot affair with Bella Thompson. He has repeatedly stepped up to defend her, but now he’s sleeping with Zoe Hoffman. What a jerk!] 

[Justin Salvador is truly the scumbag of the century!] 

[What total bullshit! Justin is trying to marry into Bella’s rich family. He’s aiming to be the son-in-law of a trillion-dollar family! If he ends 

up with Bella, that would mean the merger of the Salvador and 

Thompson empires. With Wyatt Thompson as his father-in-law, Justin would be untouchable in the country!] 

[Huh? Why would Justin be so desperate to chase after Bella? He’s 

worth billions himself…] 

[Well, you sound pretty naive. Who wouldn’t want more money?] 

Bella’s heart sank as she covered her chest, unable to contain the 

pain of her broken heart. 

[But seriously, Zoe’s like a twig. How can she compete with Ms. Thompson? Zoe is not even as pretty as Rosalind Gold. Why is Justin so hung up on her?] 



[Zoe’s a musical prodigy! Maybe Justin just likes that artistic touch. Didn’t Rosalind come off as fake anyway?] 

At that moment, Asher’s call came through. After several rings, Bella 

managed to gather her scattered thoughts and answer the call. 

“Bella? Bella? Are you there?” Asher’s voice was filled with concern. 

“Hey, Ash,” Bella replied softly. 

“Bella, where are you right now?” 

“In Savrow,” Bella replied weakly, lacking the strength to say more. 

“Bella, you must have heard about Justin’s scandal, right?” Asher asked cautiously. 


“Feeling down about it?” Asher probed. 

“No. He’s moved on. Why should I feel down?” Bella chuckled lightly, her eyes red with tears. 

“Zoe is Ryan’s sister. If they get together, that’s even better. With the support of the Hoffman family, Justin’s future path will be smooth.” 

Asher’s voice grew heavy. “Bella, I want to hear what’s really on your 


“This is what’s on my mind.” Bella clenched her fists so tightly that her knuckles hurt. 

“You’ve been married to Justin for three years. Based on your 

understanding of this man, do you think he would do something like 

this? Is he the kind of man who can’t control his urges?” 

Asher brought up a valid point. 

“If he were a lustful man, he would likely have a child with Rosalind by now. Isn’t it strange that he never made advances toward anyone during your three years of marriage? Something doesn’t add up. Also, I found out that there were quite a few reporters stationed outside the hotel room at the time. It’s as if they knew in advance what would happen and were waiting there. It feels like a setup, doesn’t it, Bella?” 


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