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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 749

Chapter 749 

“Alright, that makes things easier.” Christopher smiled mockingly. ” Tonight, you’ve done me a big favor. Thank you for your hard work.” 

“Mr. Iverson, please don’t say that. My life belongs to you. I’m willing to do anything for you!” Yvonne’s soft voice was filled with affection. 

Christopher’s expression remained cold and indifferent. He said in a deep voice, “Later, I’ll have someone send you a plane ticket and 

deposit some money into your account. It should be enough for you 

to go abroad and enjoy yourself for a year or so. If you need more money, just let Taylor know, and he’ll transfer it to you.” 

Yvonne gasped and panicked. “Mr. Iverson, are you sending me 


“Justin has fallen into our trap. He won’t just let this slide and will 

immediately start an investigation. He’s not stupid, but this time, he’s, thrown off balance because of Bella. To avoid unnecessary trouble, 

it’s best for you to lay low for a while. Taylor will handle things 

temporarily on the other side.” 


“Behave,” Christopher commanded coldly. 

Yvonne’s throat tightened. “Yes, Mr. Iverson.” 

Bella was the first to arrive at the park, as she was nearby. 

The temperature at night suddenly dropped, and it started snowing heavily. The usually bustling park was practically deserted. 

Bella sat alone on a bench, watching the lonely night unfold before 


She remembered when she would often come here during her free 

time in the past three years. 

She would watch couples feed each other and exchange kisses. She would watch young families bring their children to play. It filled her 

with warmth and happiness. 

At that time, she often wondered if she would ever experience such 

moments herself. 

Could she ever take a stroll with Justin in the park? Would they be holding hands and exchanging affectionate glances like ordinary 


Bella’s heart throbbed. She let out a sigh, her breath forming a puff of 

white mist. Tiny ice crystals gathered on her eyelashes. 

At that moment, an ice cream truck passed by her, and she flagged down, buying a vanilla ice cream cone. 

Before she could take a bite, a series of hurried footsteps approache 

her through the snow. 


Bella gripped the ice cream tightly. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she slowly raised her gaze. 

Justin stood before her with snow covering his thin suit, and his face was flushed from the cold. But what stood out the most were his beautiful eyes, reddened by the cold. Despite the snow covering him, Justin looked impeccable. 

Bella’s throat felt constricted. She had imagined this scene countless times, but she hadn’t expected it to unfold like this. 

“Bella… Don’t sit here. It’s too cold. You’ll get sick.” Justin was filled with heartache, reaching out to her without hesitation. 


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