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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 748

Chapter 748 

The screen displayed a string of numbers instead of his name. Justin always had two numbers, one for his personal use and the other for 


Bella had memorized both numbers by heart. It was unusual for him 

to call her from his work number. 

Bella’s heart raced as she answered. She slowly raised the phone to 

her ear but remained silent. 

“Bella!” Justin’s voice sounded hoarse and broken. 

Bella tightly sealed her lips, her eyelashes fluttering. 

“Bella, you have to believe me. I’ve been set up!” 

Justin wasted no time defending himself, knowing how difficult it was to get Bella to answer the phone. “This is a complex setup. Zoe isn’t so smart to orchestrate something like this on her own. Someone is manipulating her, and the bait they used wasn’t Zoe… It 

was you!” 

“Half an hour from now.” Bella lowered her gaze sadly. Then she added slowly, “Let’s meet at the park near KS World Hotel.” 

If it weren’t for Asher’s call earlier, Bella wouldn’t have picked up Justin’s call. But now, she was eager to hear what explanation Justin 

could offer. 

“Mr. Iverson, Ms. Thompson just left the hospital alone in her car.” 

Taylor rushed back to report to Christopher. “She spent quite some 

time in the bathroom. When she left, she looked furious. Her face 

was paler than yours!” 

Christopher leaned against the headboard with a gentle smile on hist 

face. ‘I hope she’s angry. The angrier she is, the better. Only intense. 

pain would completely eradicate Justin from her heart!’ 

“Have someone follow Ms. Thompson closely now and prepare a car 

for me. I’ll look for her later,” Christopher instructed. 

Taylor wanted to advise against it, but he knew he couldn’t. He could 

only comply. “I’ll prepare the car immediately and get you a new suit…” 

“No need for a suit. A patient should look the part,” Christopher said, 

attempting to move, but the pain made him sweat profusely. 

Taylor felt extremely uncomfortable seeing this. He felt that 

Christopher was truly committed to Bella, but he couldn’t understand 

why someone as shrewd as Christopher would appear so desperate for love. How could he allow himself to be at a disadvantage, given his competitive nature? 

But only Christopher knew what he was planning. 

In love, having the upper hand might not be a good thing at times. 

Sometimes, showing vulnerability and taking a step back could lead 

to unexpected results. 

Moreover, Bella was such a strong-willed woman. She had suffered 

enough from Justin. He would never let her be wronged again and 


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