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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 750

Chapter 750 

Justin took a step forward and reached out to embrace Bella. 

His eyes were red, and his hot and trembling breath enveloped Bella. 

“Don’t touch me!” Bella exclaimed, taking a step back. 

Her guard was up like a porcupine with all its spikes raised. 

In desperation, she threw the ice cream in her hand at Justin’s shirt. 

“Bella! I’m telling the truth!” Justin’s arms froze in mid-air. He was torn between wanting to be close to her and fearing her rejection. He was almost on the verge of losing his sanity. “I called you many times tonight, but you didn’t answer! I thought something had happened to you. I was worried about you all night!” 

Bella was stunned. 

‘Many missed calls? When did that happen?’ She wondered. ‘Is he making it up? I didn’t receive a single call from him! What a lying 

scoundrel! He couldn’t even come up with a decent lie?’ 

“Later, I received several photos from an anonymous number. In 

those photos, you were hugging a stranger and walking into a hote 

with him! I was afraid you were in danger, so I went to the hotel to 

find you. That was when I was surrounded by the reporters.” Justin explained desperately. 

Bella looked at him with a mocking gaze. “Justin, if you’re going to make up an excuse, at least make it somewhat believable. If I had 

known you were going to spew such nonsense, I wouldn’t have 

bothered coming to see you at all.” 

“I have evidence!” Justin insisted. 

Justin gritted his teeth and pulled out his phone from his pocket with trembling hands. 

Bella’s heart raced as she pursed her lips in silence, feeling hopeful and willing to give him a chance. 

“These are the photos I received. Look, isn’t the person in this photo …” Justin continued to explain. 

Suddenly, he stared blankly at the phone screen. He repeatedly checked his message inbox, but the photos sent to him were all gone! 

His trembling fingers frantically swiped the screen. His bewildered gaze almost bore a hole through his phone. In the end, he couldn’t find any trace of the photos he intended to use as evidence. 

“Gone!” Justin exclaimed, his voice filled with frustration. “They’re all 


Bella smiled, but there was not a hint of warmth in her eyes, icing Justin to the core. “Justin, if you haven’t found a good excuse, yo don’t need to rush to see me. I don’t want to see you, not now, a 

not in the future.” 

Watching her brush past him, Justin felt a chill run through his body. Bella… Bella, don’t go!” He called out, reaching out to stop her, when another voice interrupted, “Bella.” 

Bella suddenly looked up and saw Christopher standing a few steps away. He was wearing a patient’s gown, with only a cashmere coat draped over his shoulders. His face was paler than the snow. 

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