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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 758

Chapter 758 

As soon as Liam left Logan’s mansion, his expression darkened. 

His secretary followed closely behind him and asked in surprise, “Mr. Liam, I overheard your conversation with Mr. Ryan in the study. Why would you support Ms. Zoe’s marriage with Mr. Salvador when you clearly know…” 

“Do you really think that Justin will marry Zoe?” Liam asked with a 

playful smirk. 

“Justin has caused so much trouble for Ms. Thompson. Just recently, he almost sacrificed his life for her. They have a lot of history, and it’s clear to anyone with common sense that my niece is overestimating herself by trying to win over someone who has rejected her.” 

He continued, “Justin will never marry her. I’m backing Zoe’s marriage 

to Justin because I know he won’t fall easily for her tactics. This is the only way we can create chaos and put a strain on Ryan and Justin’s relationship. The more chaotic the situation, the bette 

for us.” 

“You’re so wise!” Liam’s secretary exclaimed in admiration. 

Liam’s eyes flashed with a cunning glint. “Since ancient times, t 

best way to turn brothers against each other is through women. Eve 

legendary figures like Mark Antony and Julius Caesar fell victim to it Brotherhood? What a joke!” 

As he was about to descend the stairs, he suddenly remembered something and asked in a hushed tone, “By the way, what was the 

Chap 758 

name of the Salvador girl that Zoe mentioned earlier? The one Ryan is 


“Carrie Salvador!” 

“Yes. Keep an eye on her. When the time comes, she could prove to be a valuable card for us to play.” 

“Ryan! Let go of me! It hurts!” Zoe screamed in pain. 

Ryan’s face was as cold as ice, and his eyes were raging with anger. 

He dragged Zoe by her arm to an empty room. Once inside, Ryan swung his arm forcefully, throwing Zoe to the floor. 

“Ah!” Zoe fell awkwardly and cried out in pain. She felt the pain from the impact and had a noticeable bruise forming on her arm. 

“Zoe, tell me the truth. What happened at the hotel the other day?!” Ryan suppressed his anger with all his might. If it were someone else, he might have snapped her neck. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Zoe remained stubborn, despite the pain she felt. 

“Someone must have helped you plan this. With your brains, you couldn’t have done it all alone!” Ryan leaned in closer and stared int her red eyes. “Tell me! Who set you up? Who planned all this behind 

the scenes?!” 

Zoe’s heart raced, and cold sweat dripped down her face. How could 


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