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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 765

Chapter 765 

Bella’s brothers and Wyatt were not home tonight. They went on a 

business trip, so it was mostly the women at home. 

Strictly speaking, Christopher was not a stranger. At this late hour, everyone was watching Celeste due to her incident. Bella did not want to disturb her family, so she brought Christopher to the guest hall. 

Unexpectedly, Camilla was drinking coffee in the guest hall. 

“Camilla, you haven’t rested yet?” 

Bella was a little surprised. Then, she introduced Christopher. “Oh, 

this is my friend, Chris-” 

“Christopher Iverson, the fourth son of the Iverson family. I met him 

at Aunt Celeste’s birthday banquet, and he left an impression.” 

Camilla gracefully put down her coffee cup and smiled faintly at 

Christopher. “Apart from Bella’s brothers, I’ve never seen any mal 

friends around her. You are the first.” 

“It is my honor that Bella chose me as her friend.” 

Christopher smiled sincerely. “It is also my honor to meet the future 

First Lady of Sentania in private.” 

Bella was taken aback. She did not expect him to say so. 

Camilla remained calm. “I’m just Bella’s sister, and my husband is an 

ordinary senator in Sentania. You’re flattering me.” 

Christopher curled his lips and said nothing. 

Chapter 765 


“Bella, entertain your guest. I won’t disturb you.” Camilla slowly stood 

Although Bella maintained a smile, she could sense that something 

was off between her sister and Christopher, but she did not know 

what it was. 

Camilla left the guest hall, and her expression fell once she closed 

the door. She took out her phone from her pocket and called her 


“Is there any progress on the matter I asked you to investigate?” 

“Yes, Madam. The background check on Christopher Iverson has 

been sent to your personal email.” 

“Got it.” 

As it was late, Christopher did not want to impose. He stayed for a 

short while and then left. 

In the car, Taylor immediately beamed. “Mr. Christopher, Ms. 

attitude toward you is getting better. She accepted your gift and 

invited you in for a while.” 

Christopher pushed his glasses, and his expression did not show 

much happiness. “Start the car.” 

Bella did not accept his gift, nor did she invite him inside.. 

It was still the same as before. He took the initiative, as it had always 


Chapter 765 


Bella had never taken a step towards him. 


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