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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 766

Chapter 766 

“Not only that. Our men secretly searched inside and outside the racecourse. In the end, we found this in the trash bin.” 

Taylor took out a plastic bag that contained a syringe from his bag.” 

After we checked the surveillance footage, we found out that the mastermind was indeed Mr. Charles.” 

Christopher narrowed his eyes, full of mockery. “Charles and James 

are the same. They are born evil. Charles doesn’t even have his brother’s cunning brains. He uses dirty tricks that can’t be taken seriously. This idiot doesn’t deserve my attention.” 

“But we can’t just let this slide. We’ll look cowardly!” Taylor gritted his 


“Of course not.” 

Christopher leaned back leisurely and closed his eyes. “He broke one of my ribs, so I’ll break three of his. He broke my arm, so I’ll break his leg. Fair, isn’t it?” 

Taylor repeatedly said, “Yeah, definitely! You’re already showing mercy to him as his brother by not killing him!” 


Was Charles worthy of the title? 

Christopher chuckled and shook his finger. 

“If it were Bella who got injured that day, I wouldn’t have let Charles 

Chapter 766 

live until now.”, 

After Bella took a shower and did her skincare routine from head to toe, her heavy mood finally eased a bit. 

“Bella, are you asleep?” Camilla’s voice sounded outside the door. 

“Not yet! Come in.” 

Camilla opened the door and entered. 

Bella patted her face while looking back. Camilla wore a light blue silk nightgown. Her eyes arched in a smile. With her fair skin, she looked 

like an ethereal fairy. 

“Oh! The most beautiful First Lady is here!” 

“Bella, where did you get the horse? It’s so shiny-even brighter than the lights in the yard. It almost blinded me!” Camilla was curious. 

“It’s Christopher’s horse.” Bella continued massaging her face. 

“Is it his horse, or did he give it to you?” 

“His horse. He wanted to give it to me as a gift, but I didn’t accept.” 

“Horses are your favorite animal. That’s an Akhal-Teke, but you could 

even resist such a big temptation. It looks like you want to maintain a 

clear boundary with him.” 

Camilla nodded thoughtfully, murmuring, “If so, I can rest assured…” 

Unexpectedly, Bella had sharp ears and heard it. “Camilla, what did 

you say? Rest assured? Why?” 

Chapter 766 

“I can see that Christopher likes you. The way he looks at you is so 



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