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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 767

Chapter 767 

Bella immediately stood up from her chair and widened her eyes. “I haven’t even rode it yet!” 

“Come on, just let her be. You easily give away jewelry worth millions, but you’re reluctant to let people ride your horse?” 

At this moment, the faint sound of Sasha’s voice came from outside 

the window. 

“Giddy up! Hahaha!” 

Bella rubbed her temples. “Well, as long as she’s happy.” 

Camilla slowly sat on the sofa, pursing her lips, looking as if 

something was on her mind. 

“Camilla, you must have something to tell me if you came over so 


Bella walked over and sat next to her, holding her arm intimately. S 

asked in a low voice, “Is it related to Christopher?” 

“I remember that he used to come over to our house when you wer 

kids. You seem to be close to him,” Camilla asked. 

“Yeah. We were classmates in elementary school.” 

Bella narrowed her eyes and recalled, “At that time, he was bullied in class, so I helped him. He was grateful and always clung to me like a little follower. Because of my family background, nobody in class played with me. They avoided me. I could only pair up with 

Chapter 767 


Christopher, so we were playmates. To be honest, I was quite happy during our childhood. Later, he went to Sentania with his mother, and we lost contact for 15 years.” 

“Fifteen years? That means when he reappeared, he was basically a stranger to you.” Camilla looked deep in thought. 

“Yeah. When I first saw him, I didn’t even recognize him. He was so 

small and cute back then, like a little girl. But now, he’s an ideal man- 

tall and handsome.” 

“Do you think he’s handsome? Between Christopher and Justin, who 

do you think is better looking?” Camilla playfully winked at her. 

“Camilla, did Justin secretly bribe you? Why do you keep mentioning 

his name? Ugh!” Bella’s heart twitched, and she pouted. 

“Bella, I am not against you befriending Christopher. Chairman. Iverson is good friends with Dad, so his son won’t mistreat you. But…” 

Thinking about the investigation results about Christopher, Camilla 

darkened her expression. “Christopher is not as simple as he looks. I 

did a background investigation on him in private. He has a wide ra 

of businesses in Sentania that cover many fields. He has a comp 

network. Sentania’s situation is complicated. Gangs and drugs a 

everywhere. The politicians and businessmen collude brazenly. Afte 

my husband takes office, the first thing he needs to tackle is drug 


Bella could not help but feel worried for her sister. “Camilla, it sounds like you guys will have a tough road ahead.” 

“Don’t change the subject.” 

Chapter 767 

Camilla’s expression was serious. “In Sentania, the scale of Christopher’s business meant that he could not avoid being in the drug trade. I heard he was even summoned by the police due to his involvement in the drug trade. However, he was released because of 


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