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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 768

Chapter 768 

“Welcome, Ms. Zoe!” 

“Welcome, Mrs. Hoffman!” 

“Welcome, Chairman Hoffman!” 

The doors of three cars opened at the same time. Zoe got off with 

her mother first. 


Logan Hoffman wore a luxurious black suit and held his golden eagle- head cane as he stepped down from the car with a cold face under 

Zoe’s assistance. 

“Father, take it slow.” Claire quickly came over. 

Logan stared at the Salvador family manor’s door coldly and took a deep breath. “When you came to discuss the marriage last time, that brat from the Salvador family didn’t even show his face, right?” 

Claire bit her lip and nodded shamefully. “Yes.” 

“Why are you so useless?” 

Zoe pouted, seemingly expressing her dissatisfaction as well. 

“Father, you’ve heard about Justin Salvador’s personality. Even 

Chairman Salvador could not force him to do something he was unwilling to do. Shannon is his stepmother and can’t influence him at all.” Claire explained with a trembling heart. 

Chapter 768 

Since her husband passed away, Ryan has been their family’s sole 


If Ryan was not present, Logan would never take Claire seriously. 

“You are Zoe’s mother. Your daughter was bullied, yet you could not do anything other than be angry and helpless.” 

Logan was furious and tapped his cane on the ground. “The Hoffman family is also an elite family in Savrow. Nobody dares to offend us. Now, because of a young brat, I need to intervene to settle matters. Is this what you mean when you say you guys will take care of me in my old age?” 

“Father, it’s all my fault. I was too useless.” Claire lowered her head and repeatedly admitted her mistake. 

“Grandpa, Mom tried her best. Don’t blame her.” Zoe held Logan’s arm and spoke up for her mother. 

“That brat, Justin, is too arrogant! He looks down on us!” 

Anger burned in Logan’s eyes. “His recent actions show that he 

doesn’t take the Hoffman family seriously at all. He’d better com 

his senses and marry Zoe. Otherwise, the Hoffman Group will be t 

Salvador Corporation’s nemesis!” 

It was rowdy in a nightclub’s private room, with debauchery in the air. 

Bethany was partying with a group of friends. The crowd chanted and 

roared while Bethany laughed madly and moved her body to the music. 

Chapter 768 

After an exciting and promiscuous game, Bethany grabbed a bottle of beer and collapsed on the sofa. She downed the beer while laughing uncontrollably. 


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