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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 769

Chapter 769 

Gregory and Shannon were home at the moment. 

Gregory sat on the sofa, reading the news on his phone with a solemn expression. 

Although he had hired a top-notch PR team to deal with the scandal regarding Justin and Zoe, the gossip and speculation online had never stopped. 

As the president of the Salvador Corporation, Justin did not show his face or publish a public statement to clarify the situation. It would only fuel more speculation, causing him to tarnish his image. 

Shannon sat at her dressing table, meticulously taking care of the hair she had invested over a million dollars annually to maintain. 

In the past, she offered up her own body to Gregory to seduce him. 

“Greg, come here.” Shannon turned around and hooked her fing at 


“What?” Gregory’s eyes did not leave his phone screen. 

“Just come, Greg. Touch my hair. I’ve always taken good care of it 


Shannon’s voice was sweet and coy as she flirted. “Come and feel it. 

Is it the same as before?” 


Gregory halted. He had been pondering if Celeste’s incident had 

Chapter 769 

something to do with Shannon for a long time, but he still did not ask the question in the end. 

He mentioned something else instead. “Ryan confessed to Carrie in front of me and Dad.” 

“What? When did it happen!?” Shannon immediately stood up, unable to control her expression from being overjoyed. 

“Some time ago, when Justin was hospitalized, he brought Carrie to 

visit Justin.” 

“That’s wonderful news! Oh my!” 

Shannon was so happy that she clapped her hands. “What’s Dad’s 

attitude? He watched Ryan grow up, and our families are close to 

each other with similar backgrounds. He must agree to this marriage, 


“You’ve always tried to match Bethany with Ryan and didn’t give Carrie a thought. Why did you suddenly change your mind now?” Gregory asked calmly. 

Shannon rolled her eyes. “Greg, you make it sound as if I don’t 

about Carrie. After all, she is also my daughter. How can I not w 

the best for her? 

Bethany’s personality doesn’t match Ryan’s. They are just not destined for each other. If Ryan likes Carrie, I’d definitely support this perfect match. As a mother, I want my daughter to marry well.” 

“Although Carrie and Ryan are dating, it hasn’t been made public yet. We can still turn back.” 

Gregory’s brows furrowed. “Once the relationship is public, things will 

Chapter 769 


not be so easy.” 

“Greg… What do you mean? Don’t you want Carrie to marry Ryan?” Shannon questioned him anxiously. 

“When Claire Hoffman came to discuss Justin’s marriage, she left without even seeing Justin’s face. Didn’t you see her expression as she left? It was full of resentment. Ryan is her only son. How could she accept Carrie as her daughter-in-law?” Gregory frowned, feeling 


Shannon was stunned. 

Thinking about how Claire’s face was red with anger, she thought that her daughter’s path to a wealthy and influential family was completely blocked. 


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