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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 770

Chapter 770 

Shannon sneered. “When Justin divorced Bella, he shattered her 

heart. Now, he’s entangled with Zoe. Bella has such a fierce character and doesn’t tolerate flaws. Do you think that she will still accept 

Justin? I doubt it.” 

Gregory looked solemn, but before he could speak, someone knocked 

on the door. The butler reported nervously, “Chairman Salvador, 

Madam Shannon, the Hoffmans are here.” 

“Tell them that I’m not here.” Gregory rubbed his temples and 

answered without thinking. 

“Chairman Salvador, the chairman of the Hoffman Group is here as well. Are you sure you don’t want to greet them?” 

Gregory’s heart sank. 

“Greg, look.” 

Shannon crossed her arms, curling her lips in a smile. “As long a Justin and Zoe’s marriage remains uncertain, our family will not a day of peace. We’ve even alarmed Chairman Hoffman. If this continues, it won’t end well.” 

Logan clasped his hands on top of his eagle-head cane and sat in the middle of the sofa with a commanding presence. He looked so intimidating that the servants present dared not breathe heavily. 

“Old Master Logan, why didn’t you inform me of your visit? I’d come 

out to welcome you.” 

Gregory smiled and walked over with Shannon. 

In the living room, members of the Hoffman family stood behind 

Logan, looking unfriendly. The air felt dense. 

Gregory swept his gaze across the crowd, his expression unchanging. 

“Old Master Logan, you came with such a grand lineup. Are you 

unhappy because I didn’t greet you properly?” 

“I’m indeed unhappy, but I’m sure you’re aware of the reason behind 


Logan said in a cold and forceful tone, “Your family is so arrogant. Your son didn’t even show himself when my daughter-in-law 

personally came to visit. Must I pay a visit for your son to show his 


Zoe hid in Claire’s arms, sniffling softly. She had an aggrieved and 

pitiful expression. 

Gregory was about to speak when Shannon stepped in. “Justin an impolite child. He was away that day. If he had been here, he would certainly greet you.” 

“I’m asking your husband, not you.” Logan did not spare Shannon glance, radiating disdain for her from head to toe. 

Shannon was humiliated, and her face reddened. 

However, Logan was a man who stood equal to Nigel in Savrow, both 

legends in the corporate world. How could she afford to provoke him? 

Claire curled her lips, secretly feeling pleased. 


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