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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 771

Chapter 771 

On the white marble spiral staircase, Justin stood with his hand in his pockets, the designer suit outlining his lean and elegant figure as he descended the stairs with graceful steps. 

Zoe stared at Justin. His handsome face, which radiated superiority, made her gape in awe. She even forgot to cry momentarily. 

This man was indeed every woman’s dream husband. 

She was right to cling to him, even if she had to throw away her shame and dignity. 

She must obtain this man, no matter what! 

“Justin, what do you mean? You assaulted my granddaughter, but now you’re saying it’s her fault?” Logan narrowed his eyes as he 

asked coldly. 

Justin curled his lips mockingly. “Why repeat this and embarras granddaughter?” 

The crowd was stunned. What did Justin mean by that? Could be more to that night’s incident? 

Zoe’s face turned pale. She hid in Logan’s arms and bit her lips, no 

daring to speak. 


Logan was not young anymore. The anger got to him, and his face 

turned red as he almost could not catch his breath. 

‘Justin! What nonsense are you spouting? Don’t act recklessly in front of your elders!” 


Justin chuckled, but his gaze was exceptionally sharp. “I’m only 

stating the facts. Zoe, are you willing to swear on your life that you weren’t at fault for this?” 

A chill ran down Zoe’s spine, and her heart thumped madly. 

“Will you swear that you are innocent and knew nothing about the incident that happened at the hotel?” 

Justin’s gaze was as cold as the abyss, staring at her like a police officer scrutinizing a criminal. 


Zoe put on an innocent and naive act. “Justin, why would you say so? Swear on what? That night… Didn’t you ask me to meet at the hotel?” 

Justin’s pupils shrank. 

He thought Zoe would argue, but he did not expect her to fabri 


“We agreed to meet in Room 2051. I reached first, but you didn’t sh up for a long time, so I wanted to take a shower while waiting for yo 

“I didn’t expect you to arrive as soon as I finished showering. Isn’t this 

what happened that night?” 

Teardrops hung on Zoe’s eyelashes. Her eyes were red and swollen, 


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