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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 772

Chapter 772 

In that instant, Justin felt that the situation was ridiculous. 

He thought that even though Zoe had gone down the wrong path, she would still admit her fault when confronted. He thought she would still have a trace of her childhood innocence. After all, she was his 

best friend’s only sister. 

But it turned out he had overestimated Zoe’s character. 

She was only related to Ryan by blood, but she was nothing like Ryan 

in other aspects. 

Zoe was corrupted. Perhaps she had been this way since the start, but Justin had a natural filter for her because she was Ryan’s sister. 

Since that was the case, there was no need for him to show mercy for 

the sake of his best friend. 

“Zoe! What are you saying? Dying a miserable death? If anythin happened to you, how could I live on?” Claire took out a handke 

and wiped her tears. 

“Zoe is my only granddaughter and the apple of my eye! We raised in luxury, and she has never suffered. She was willing to curse herse to prove her innocence because of you. This just proves that she’s speaking the truth!” 

Logan patted Zoe’s head while glaring at Justin. “Although Zoe is a 

little spoiled, she has never lied before! Is Nigel’s grandson a coward 

who does not dare admit his doings?” 

Justin narrowed his eyes. His fingers tightened into a grip, 

suppressing his burning anger. 

“Chairman Hoffman, your words are a little too harsh!” 

In front of so many people, Gregory could not tolerate someone else insulting his son and even involving his father. He had to maintain his pride. “Focus on the matter at hand! Just tell me what you want. Both of our families are famous in Savrow. It’s already unsightly for you to cause a stir at my house tonight. Do you really want to make an enemy out of the Salvador family?” 

Zoe’s eyes shone with a vicious light. 

She dragged her grandfather along this time to use his influence to force Justin to marry her. 

She did not want to have a fallout with the Salvador family. That would be a worse situation for her! 

“Chairman Salvador, I only have two reasonable requests.” 

Logan’s expression darkened. “First, I want your son to apolog Zoe! He was the reason Zoe got surrounded by reporters that almost ruining her reputation! I wanted you to hold a press conference, but you are right about how our families are both 

influential and prominent. If it becomes a big deal, your image will b tarnished. So, I’ll make do with a private apology from your son, and I 

won’t pursue the matter further.” 

The servants surrounding them could not bear to continue listening. All of them looked indignant. ‘How dare this old geezer dare to bully 

our young master! We should let the dogs out on this old geezer!’ 

“Mr. Hoffman! What mistake did our young master make? Why should he apologize to Ms. Zoe? Aren’t you overstepping your boundaries?” 

The crowd turned around, surprised to see Wilma walk out angrily, standing up for Justin. 

Shannon hid behind Gregory. She was first stunned and then let out a sinister smile. 


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