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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 773

Chapter 773 

“Mrs. Hoffman, you may not be aware of the situation in our family. Though Wilma is a maid, she has a high position in our house.” 

Shannon started to mock Wilma again. “She doesn’t even respect us, the masters of the house, not to mention a few guests.” 

“Aunt Shannon, you should know why Wilma holds a high position.” 

Justin walked to Wilma and shielded her behind him. His cold and icy gaze shot toward Shannon like a knife, causing her to tremble in fear. “After my mother passed away, Wilma stayed by my side and took care of me, treating me like her son. She is my family and has 

accompanied me since childhood. In my heart, she is as important as my mother.” 

“Young Master…” Wilma was so touched that tears welled up in the 

corner of her eyes. 

“I’ve also said that Wilma’s only job in this house is to take 

  1. She’s not your maid. Isn’t it normal for her not to treat yo respect, Aunt Shannon?” 

The crowd snickered. 

After all, in the Salvador family, Wilma was much more liked by the 


“You!” Shannon gritted her teeth in resentment, but any further 

comeback would make her look disgraceful. 

“Besides the apology, I have another request.” 

Logan ignored the fight between the women and continued coldly, ” Chairman Salvador, given the current situation, there’s only one way 

to resolve this properly. We should enter a marriage alliance and let Justin marry Zoe.” 

Everyone was shocked! 

“You want me to marry Zoe?” 

Justin laughed, but his eyes were cold. “Mr. Hoffman, what kind of person do you think I am? Do you think I’d take any woman to be my wife? Do you think any woman deserves it? I don’t indulge in worldly pleasures, but that doesn’t mean I’m not picky.” 

His words stunned everyone! 

Justin did not mention Zoe’s name, but every word seemed to strike 

at her heart! 

Zoe’s lips trembled. She was so mad that her face turned ashen. 

“Justin, mind your words!” Gregory was displeased with Hoff coercion, but he did not want things to get ugly. 

“Justin Salvador! How dare you!” 

Logan grabbed his eagle-headed cane and slammed it on the floo He was furious and roared, “Do you think that my granddaughter is not good enough for you? You even dared to humiliate Zoe. You…” 

“As long as I’m alive, I will only have one wife.” 

Just as Justin’s voice fell, the butler rushed over. “Chairman, Young 

Master Justin, Ms. Bella Thompson is here!” 


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