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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 410

The worst and the most likely outcome was death from poisoning!

This truth was too cruel, so Neera did not say it. But Jean understood it and became gloomy.

He glanced at the unconscious Wrenn on the bed and asked, "How is the research center going? How long will it take to develop an antidote?"

Neera never made promises about things she could not confirm. Even though the situation was critical, she could only respond, "I'll try my best."

After speaking, she wanted to leave immediately. At a critical juncture, she could not waste her time.

Jean sent her out and accompanied her to the hospital gate. When she was about to leave, he suddenly held her hand.

Neera froze and stared blankly at Jean. "You..."

"Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Just do your best," Jean said.

Neera's heart warmed up, and she smiled slightly. Her voice was clear and crisp. "Yes, I know it."

After returning to the research center, she devoted herself to research and development.

She did not have a moment's rest and ate hastily, almost spending her time researching the antidote. The rest of the team stayed up for two days because of Wrenn's critical condition.

The final time limit was approaching, but they had not developed the antidote. Neera was becoming more anxious and frustrated. Her irritability caused her to break a beaker accidentally.

The glass shattering sounded in the research room. Everyone's attention immediately focused on Neera.

Neera was pale. She held her right wrist, and blood kept gushing from her palm.

"Oh, Ms. Garcia! You're hurt!"

Everyone was taken aback and hurried over worriedly.

Neera glanced at her wound that got cut by the glass shards. "It's okay. Just a small injury."

While enduring the pain, she casually pulled a tissue and wiped the blood. After the bleeding stopped, she continued to work.

Philbert stepped forward and stopped her. "You should bandage it well. You'd better wash the liquid in your hands to prevent wound infection!"

The antidote developed this time used many medicine formulations, which might be dangerous. It was not good to have direct contact with the wound.

Neera shook her head. "I'm fine. It's more important to develop an antidote. We're running out of time."

Philbert insisted on stopping her. "Even if you're in a hurry, you should take care of your wound first. It's only the last step. I'll do it. You're too tired. Something will happen if you work in a trance."

Hearing what he said, Neera finally had no choice but to nod in agreement and took the medicine box. She sat down to clean, disinfect, and bandage the wound.

At midnight, they developed another antidote sample and conducted the last experiment. During the process, everyone could not help but wait nervously.

Until a moment, Philbert went to observe the experimental results. After confirming the experimental data several times, he finally smiled.

"We succeeded!" His tone was relieved.

Everyone was overjoyed and applauded excitedly.

Neera became even more agitated. She quickly stood up and wanted to step forward to check the results. But maybe it was because she got up too fast. Before she could take a step, her vision suddenly turned dark.

She felt dizzy for a while and hurriedly supported the table beside her.

After a few seconds, the darkness in front of her eyes gradually receded.

She knew the non-stop research had far exceeded what her body could bear. But she told herself that it was not the time yet. She could not fall yet!

She had to persevere and rush to treat Wrenn. Jean was still waiting for her!


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