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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 535

In the afternoon, Neera and Katy arrived at the biomedical industrial park.

The person in charge was already waiting at the door and welcoming them warmly. "Ms. Garcia, it's my honor to meet with you!"

Neera smiled. "Me too. Nice to meet you."

They chatted for a while and then got to the point. The person in charge quickly led them around the inside and outside of the building.

"Ms. Garcia, you should be able to see how good the condition of this building is. It's worth the price. Many people are interested in it."

"It's indeed good." Neera nodded. She had some concerns before, but now she was 100% satisfied.

"I'll buy this building. Can the process be done today?"

"No problem. You can sign the contract now!"

What follows was simple. After reading the contract, Neera signed it readily.

She realized it was already evening when she left the biomedical industrial park.

She did not expect it would take so long, so she turned to Katy and said, "Let's go. I'll take you back and then pick up the triplets from school."

Unexpectedly, when she appeared at the school gate, she accidentally saw someone who should not be there. Alfonso was guarding the door with several bodyguards!

Neera turned cold instantly. "What are you doing here?" Her tone was a little impatient and impolite.

Alfonso was also gloomy. "You're so rude! How can you talk like this when you see your dad?"

Seeing him repeating his old sentence, Neera only sneered.

"Who is the rude one? You gave birth to me but didn't raise me, cheated in marriage, treated my mom and me poorly, and took over everything that belonged to my mom after her death. You're only a greedy and arrogant man! What kind of father are you?"

"Shut up!" Alfonso's face turned red when Neera scolded him. He was angry and felt embarrassed.

He gritted his teeth and had no choice but to bear his anger when he noticed the people around looked at him. "I won't argue with you. I'm here to ask you to return to the Garcia Manor..."

Neera snorted. "So you're here to invite me back? You brought many men along. I thought you wanted to hit me!"

Alfonso was so angry that his head hurt because of her eloquence. "If I don't bring people, you won't obediently return with me! Neera, don't think I dare not do anything to you!"

He warned her, "This is your children's school! You won't want to make the scene too terrible, do you? Even if you don't mind, your children still study here! If things get serious, teachers and parents will complain about it..."

He knew her weakness and thought he could threaten her.

Neera had calmed down a lot. Just now, she was subconsciously defensive, and her words were aggressive.

After Alfonso reminded her, she became calmer. Alfonso would not do something good if she returned to the Garcia Manor. So she would naturally not go with him!

"Alfonso, you're still self-righteous to threaten me with my children. Do you think I have no temper?"

After speaking coldly, Neera took out her phone and called the police. "Sir, someone is making trouble here. I'm at..."

Alfonso was so angry that he almost exploded when he saw that Neera was never afraid of trouble.

He glanced fiercely at his bodyguards and ordered angrily, "Hurry up! Take her back!"

The bodyguards returned to their senses, strode over, and reached out to snatch Neera's phone.

Neera got caught off guard, and her phone dropped. Before she could stand still, she caught a glimpse of a bodyguard trying to hold her down.

Meanwhile, Jean's bodyguards intended to rush out from the dark and help Neera. But before they could do anything, Neera threw some medicinal powder toward them!

The medicinal powder hit Alfonso's bodyguards' faces, and Alfonso was not much better.

He squinted his eyes, coughed several times, and frantically rubbed his face and body. He was startled and pissed off. "What is this!"

Neera stepped back and glared at Alfonso coldly, "If you don't want your body to rot, go to the hospital! It's a highly corrosive poison! You'll feel itchy at first. If you don't seek medical treatment in time, your skin will fester and pus tomorrow!"

Alfonso was frightened when he heard it. "How dare you use poison! You..."

He glared at Neera fiercely as if he wanted to tear her apart.

Neera said, "If you don't leave, I don't mind adding more poison to you." She raised her hand again.

Alfonso was scared. He backed away quickly and shouted, "Just wait and see!" Then, he left in embarrassment with his bodyguards.

Neera picked up her screen-smashed phone. She frowned and was in a bad mood. What bad luck!

At this time, Jean's bodyguards hurried forward. "Ms. Garcia, are you okay? Are you injured?"

Neera shook her head. "I'm fine." Alfonso won't be able to hurt me and the triplets!

She was scaring them just now. Her medicinal powder was purely itchy, with a slight sting at most and no harm. But she would not mind giving them some real poison if they dared to come to her again!

Soon, the school bell rang. Neera did not want the triplets to worry, so she hinted at Jean's bodyguards. They understood her meaning and quickly left.

A few minutes later, the triplets came out and were delighted to see her. Neera suppressed her gloomy mood and took them home.


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