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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 536

In the evening, Jean received a report from the bodyguards and felt irritated. The Garcia family again!

Adriana went back to the Garcia Manor after getting off work. Coincidentally, Alfonso had just come back.

She could not help but be surprised when she saw Alfonso's face was reddish and pimpled, and his expression was gloomy. The others were also worried.

"Why is your face like this? What's going on?"

Alfonso exploded his anger instantly. "What else could happen? It was Neera! That evil girl did this!"

He yelled, picked up the water glass, and threw it against the wall. Water splashed everywhere, and the glass shattered all over the floor!

Roxanne and Susan were startled and shrank back in fear.

Adriana frowned, caught something keenly, and immediately asked, "What does it have to do with Neera? Were you looking for trouble with her again?"

"I only wanted to take her back! But she tricked me! F*ck! How could I have such a bad daughter!"

After he left school, he immediately went to the hospital. The tingling feeling on his face made him scared.

However, the doctor told him the powder was non-toxic and only caused itching. Only then did he realize that Neera tricked him!

Seeing him fly into a rage, Adriana did not even need to guess what he had done.

She could not help but get angry and stern. "How dare you trouble Neera! You still don't give up? You keep scolding Neera but never think about what you've done! How can there be a father like you in the world!"

"Adriana!" Marnie shouted, "This is my idea! Scold me if you dare to!"

"Mom!" Adriana scowled.

Marnie ignored her and yelled, "We can't give ANXIN Group to Neera! We must ask her to sign and return the company! She has occupied our family property. And now she even hurt Alfonso! It's a crime! You don't care about your brother and speak for her instead! Do you remember you're from the Garcia family?"

Adriana felt disappointed and helpless.

"Even now, you're still so stubborn. I don't want to stay here anymore."

After saying that, she did not want to stay longer and did not even pack her things. She turned around and left.

Alfonso's expression darkened. He hinted at his bodyguards. The next moment, two strong men suddenly blocked the door.

Adriana frowned and questioned Alfonso, "What are you doing?"

Alfonso sneered. "Nothing. I only want you to stay here. Before Neera signs, you can rest well in the room."

Adriana's eyes widened. After being shocked, she was furious. "Are you imprisoning me?"

"As long as we get the ANXIN Group back, I won't stop you from going anywhere!"

Alfonso's eyes were indifferent, and he did not conceal his sinisterness. "You've raised Neera for many years. You can see whether she cares about you. Don't you want to know if ANXIN Group or you is more important in her heart? "

Adriana did not expect him to be so shameless. She looked at Alfonso coldly in anger.

"Dad, Mom, is this what you mean?" Adriana looked at Gladeon and Marnie with the last glimmer of hope.

However, the answer made her even more frustrated.

"Are you unwilling to stay at home?"

Seeing Marnie's expression without warmth and Gladeon's sighing, Adriana's last trace of family affection faded.

She felt ridiculous and could not help but want to laugh. She felt indescribable disappointment.

Before she returned, Neera worried that the Garcia family would do something to her. She thought they were a family, so it should not be the case. How could she have imagined that her family would be so insidious? For the sake of profit, they would not hesitate to turn against her!

She was usually clever but still fell into such a ridiculous trap.

Feeling extremely chilled, she gradually calmed down. "Okay, I got it! After I step out of the Garcia Manor, don't blame me for being unfilial for the rest of my life. I can't stay in Kingsview for a moment!"

After speaking, she turned and went upstairs without looking at anyone. Marnie frowned but did not take it seriously, while Gladeon sighed helplessly.

Susan and Roxanne were very excited.

Adriana was the Garcia family's most advantageous bargaining chip.

If Neera knew Adriana got imprisoned, she would come. When the time came to coerce her, she would not dare to refuse to sign! In this way, ANXIN Group would become theirs!


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