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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 537

Neera had dinner with the triplets. Before she could get up, she received a call from Alfonso.

"What did you say?"

Hearing that Adriana was locked up in the Garcia Manor, Neera became anxious and got up. The chair rubbed against the floor sharply and made a screeching sound.

On the phone, Alfonso's sinister laugh was disgusting. "You should consider whether you want me to let Adriana go or hand over ANXIN Group!"

Neera was furious. "She's your sister! How can you use her as a bargaining chip to blackmail me? Alfonso, you're so heartless!"

Alfonso gritted his teeth and spat. "Do you think you can relax after leaving the Garcia family? Even if you have great abilities, you can't escape from me! You have to decide what to do next!"

After Alfonso hung up the phone, Neera grabbed the table so tightly that her fingertips turned pale.

She did not expect Alfonso to be so shameless! He even used his biological sister!

Neera could not bear the thought of Adriana being in danger now. In any case, she would not leave Adriana alone!

Barely suppressing her anxiety, Neera briefly explained to Zuniga and hurried to the Garcia Manor.

The triplets were worried and hurried to the next door. "Uncle Jean, go to the Garcia Manor and help Mommy!"

Jean was angry because of the incident after school. When he heard the triplets' words, his expression darkened.

"Be calm. Tell me in detail. What happened?" Jean asked patiently.

Harvey was the calmest and immediately told the whole story.

Penny was so anxious that she almost cried. "Uncle Jean, can you help Mommy? The Garcia family are all bad people! Grandaunt and Mommy might suffer..."

Jean assured Penny, "Don't worry, just wait at home. I'll go and bring her back intact."

After appeasing the triplets, he called Ian and strode away without missing a moment.

Neera burst into the Garcia Manor and shouted, "Where's Aunt Adriana? Let her go right now!"

The Garcia family had expected Neera to come and were sitting in the living room.

Alfonso did not get up but pointed to the documents on the side table.

"Why are you so anxious? As long as you're willing to sign and hand over all the shares of ANXIN Group, I'll naturally let Adriana go."

Marnie did not like Neera, so she was aggressive when she spoke, "You don't deserve to own ANXIN Group! We only let you return it to us. You'd better be wise and sign it! Or you'll never get out of here!"

As Alfonso and Marnie were the lead to deal with Neera, Susan and Roxanne watched their quarrel calmly.

Neera's complexion was cold, and her gaze was sharp.

"You all are so shameless that you have no bottom line! Aunt Adriana is your family, but you use her for that little benefit. It turns out that your family's affection is far less important than money! It's so ridiculous! Aren't you worried that outsiders will say bad things about you if they find out? So what if you enter the upper class? Others will only laugh at you behind your back and despise you! They'll even look down on you!"

What Neera said was too sharp. The Garcia family's expressions changed, and they felt ashamed.

Marnie was so angry that she slapped the table and stood up. "You uneducated brat! How dare you scold us! Adriana must have indulged you too much! She's reluctant to hit you, but I won't! I'll teach you a lesson! "

Upon saying that, Marnie was about to slap Neera. Neera reacted quickly and blocked the attack.

Marnie lost her balance and stumbled backward on the sofa. She felt the pain and yelled, "How dare you fight back! Do you still have any respect for your elders?"

Neera looked at Marnie condescendingly with a chill. "Are you considered an elder? Are you qualified to talk about respect? You should be bugs in the mud ditch and not worthy of being human!"

Neera was pissed off, and her aura was surprisingly strong.

Susan had never seen Neera like this before and was shocked. Then, she realized she could not let go of this rare opportunity.

So, Susan pointed at Neera and cursed, "Neera, this is the Garcia Manor! Do you think you can act recklessly and be lawless? How dare you hit your grandma! You're truly a b*tch like Stacy Park!"

After speaking, Susan rushed over and wanted to slap Neera too!

When Neera heard Susan's last words, she was already one step ahead of Susan and slapped Susan with all her strength!

Susan was stunned and was so furious that she completely lost her mind. "You b*tch! How dare you hit me! Do you think I can't do anything to you? I'll make you kneel and beg for mercy!"

She picked up a vase angrily and wanted to throw it at Neera.

Neera became alert as she saw murderous intent in Susan's eyes. Neera subconsciously wanted to dodge, but someone was one step faster than her and held her waist to avoid the attack.

A familiar scent enveloped Neera. Before she could react, she heard the sound of a vase breaking.

The next second, it was Susan's ear-piercing scream. Ian rushed over from the entrance and kicked Susan away!


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