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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1291

Addie immediately walked forward to welcome them. However, before she had reached the door, she froze for a second when she saw who was there. But then she put on a smile and greeted the two people in front of her.

Royce, with his arm around Elizabeth's waist, completely ignored Addie's enthusiasm and walked into the living room with a cold expression.

Presley's serious face turned even more gloomy when he saw them. "What are you two here for?"

Royce and Elizabeth walked into the living room. They didn’t sit down and stood opposite Presley, separated by a sofa.

Royce calmly looked at Presley and asked, "Is Damon here?"

Presley frowned. "No! What do you want with him?"

He had been waiting here for two days, knowing that he had slipped away silently, but he did not know that there was still no news of him.

Royce frowned and thought for two seconds before saying, "No biggie."

Elizabeth frowned. Her sharp gaze swept over the entire living room, then she bit her lip.

That little bugger. Now he’d vanished!

The two of them coming together to look for him just proved that Damon hadn't been in contact with them for a long time. So, he didn't hear about the company? How could that be?!

"…The company issue…"

Presley coughed lightly, intending to discuss the company's issues with Royce, but Royce hugged Elizabeth and prepared to leave. "Let's go."

Elizabeth smiled, secretly praising her clever husband in her heart. This oblivious attitude felt so damn good!

Presley was indeed interrupted and his eyes widened in surprise. Seeing the two of them about to leave, Addie was puzzled and hurriedly said, "Mr. Harper, Mrs. Harper, you guys just got back, why are you leaving so soon? Presley was about to say something, wasn’t he?”

Elizabeth frowned and looked at Addie who was blocking their way, saying coldly, "From the sound of it, are we not allowed to leave today?"

Addie had always known Elizabeth's dissatisfaction with her and was used to her attitude. She straightened her waist and said arrogantly, "Mrs. Harper, Presley has something to say."

The powerful intimidating attitude she had was like a maid in a TV drama. It was disgusting.

Elizabeth scoffed and walked out of Royce's arms. "Alright then, we won’t leave."

The frown on Presley's face finally relaxed a little.

Addie smiled satisfactorily. "Then Mr. Harper and Mrs. Harper, please sit, I'll go make you some coffee."

Elizabeth just sneered without saying anything, pulling Royce to sit down on the sofa. Royce let his wife pull him to sit on the sofa, expressionless, without any fluctuations.

Under these circumstances, Presley did not expect his usually reticent son to take the initiative to talk about the shareholder meeting. Although he wasn’t talking with Damon, Royce was his father after all, and he would never let his son easily give up the inheritance of the Harper Group.


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