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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1292

Presley squinted at Royce, trying to peer directly into his true thoughts.

He didn't believe that even if Royce had the ability to give up the Harper family's inheritance back in the day, didn't mean Royce could accept seeing his own son making the same choice.

"All these years, Damon has put all his time and energy into the Harper family's company. The company has been progressing under his leadership, and everyone can see that. He's a natural-born leader who needs the Harper environment to grow. Royce, as his father, don't you feel a bit regretful?"

Presley smiled. How could Royce not feel regretful? He was just playing mind games with himself. He thought that as long as they acted indifferent, he would’ve believed that this matter posed no threat to Damon, thus giving up on forcing Damon to compromise in this way.

However, Royce simply smiled. "The company is moving forward under his leadership, you also think he's a natural-born leader, a manager, and you know he's contributed a lot. He has both merits and sacrifices, you, as his grandfather, know him so well, yet still use these things to threaten him. Don't you think it's too much?"

"I'm doing this for the company's benefit!"

Presley had always known that Royce was clear-headed and logical. As soon as he spoke, he understood that he was refuting him with the same reasons.

"Do you want him to be like you, making irrational decisions for a woman?! Listening to a woman every day. The company will be ruined sooner or later!"

Elizabeth's eyelids twitched; she wanted to argue with Presley right away. Was he implying that she was saying things to Royce every day to destroy the company? Was she mad, hoping that her husband's company went bankrupt every day?!

This old man was insane! What was going on in his head, it was so messed up!?

She couldn't help but want to blow up, but then she saw Addie holding a coffee pot, standing not far away secretly observing the situation in the living room.

She immediately felt a rush of anger. She hadn't settled the score with Addie yet. She'd been tolerating her for a long time!

"Having fun?" Elizabeth looked at Addie and asked coldly.

Because of Elizabeth's sudden words, the two men on the sofa slowly looked at Addie.

Addie's face changed, but she maintained a stiff smile, then stepped forward, and poured two cups of coffee. She first pushed one to Presley, then handed one to Royce and Elizabeth.

However, when she handed it to Elizabeth, Elizabeth blocked her movement. Addie was startled, looked up at Elizabeth, and smiled slightly. "Don't you like coffee?"

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. "Are you asking me?"

Addie was a bit confused.

"Aren't you always trying to compete for the position of the house manager with Marina? You don't even know the preferences of the master. What qualifications do you have to compete with Marina?"


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