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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1303

Wendy was left speechless.

Chloe looked up at Presley. "Take a good look at your beloved Ms. Alonso…" She pointed at Wendy with a smirk. "See her for what she really is! Do you want Damon to choose her? Unless he goes blind, he won't make such a foolish decision."

With that, Chloe turned on her heel and left, her flat shoes tapping out a steady rhythm.

Wendy stared at Chloe's retreating figure, her eyes filled with hostility. Chloe! Chloe!! Chloe… The hatred in her heart was growing like weeds, choking her, making it hard to breathe.

If she didn't get rid of it, it would crush her one day. She had to get rid of Chloe! If she couldn't have Damon in the end, she would not let Chloe have him either!

Driving away from Harper's Mansion, Chloe's lips were tightly shut, and her face was grim. She came here just to make an appearance. Presley calling a shareholders' meeting was just to make Damon bow to him. And, of course, it involved her, too.

She couldn't just stand by and do nothing while Damon's inheritance was threatened because of Presley's dissatisfaction with her. Presley was trying to make her give up Damon under the guise of "if you love him, don't hold him back".

Chloe snorted, as if! She never planned to give up Damon from the start.

The Alonso family… She was curious to see how strong this family's foundation really was.

Wendy wasn't seriously injured, but a few cuts and bruises made it hard for her to move. With Addie's help, she managed to sit up on the couch, drenched in sweat.

Being publicly humiliated and thrown down the stairs by Chloe in front of everyone, she felt so ashamed she could hardly lift her head. If Chloe hadn't provoked her, she wouldn't have woken up to the reality.

Now, the atmosphere in the living room was awkward. Presley came downstairs, his lips tightly shut and his face expressionless.

Wendy didn't know what he was thinking, but it was hard for her to talk about what had just happened. Chloe was ahead, she was following. If they had kept their distance, there would've been no conflict. But if anyone had given it a thought, they would know that she had provoked Chloe on purpose.

No matter what the reason, given the public nature of her relationship with Chloe, there was definitely nothing friendly to talk about when she called her over.

"Why did you provoke her?" After a while, Presley asked in a deep voice, making Wendy nervous.

Sure enough, he had noticed.But how could she tell Presley that she suspected Chloe was pregnant and wanted to harm her? Even though she knew Presley didn't like Chloe, when it came to the Harper family's heir, he wouldn't compromise just because she was from the Alonso family. She couldn't tell Presley the truth, so she made up a believable excuse. "I…I was upset about the engagement ceremony…"

When she thought of Chloe and Damon together at the engagement ceremony, Wendy's heart ached. Presley's lips tightened. It seemed like a convincing reason.

"The arrangement at the engagement ceremony was my decision. You were slighted, that's true. If anyone's to blame, it should be me. But to push someone down the stairs out of revenge, did you think about the consequences?"

Wendy bit her lip, rubbing her elbow with one hand, looking pitiful.


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