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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1304

Wendy's teeth were clenched and her body was trembling. She seemed to be enduring something, until finally, her face contorted in anger. She grabbed a nearby vase and hurled it at the mirror. "Chloe, I swear you'll pay for this!"

Her outburst echoed throughout the mansion. The servants looked at each other and then lowered their heads as if they heard nothing.

Upon hearing the noise, Grace rushed over. Upon opening the door, she was shocked to find her daughter naked and rampaging through the room.

"Wendy, have you lost your mind?"

Wendy continued her tirade, smashing anything she could get her hands on until she gradually calmed down.

Only then did Grace notice the numerous fresh and old wounds on Wendy's body. "What on earth happened?"

Wendy was still shaking. Grace hastily grabbed a robe and wrapped it around her, anxiously asking, "What happened?"

Wendy's eyes were fixed on a point in the room, her face dark and menacing. Instead of answering Grace directly, she sat quietly on the edge of the bed and said, "Mom, what the hell has Dad been up to these days? I can't stand it anymore. I really can't! Why isn't he doing anything about that bitch, Chloe, and her mother? We're being bullied like this, and he doesn't react at all?"

Grace quickly covered her mouth. "Keep your voice down! Look at the state you're in!"

Wendy shook her head, pointing at her wounds. "Look at what state I'm in, Mom! Every single one of these wounds was inflicted by Chloe! How can you expect me to bear it? What is Dad doing? Why isn't he reacting after all that's happened? They've targeted the Alonso family, and he's just sitting there?"

Grace gently stroked Wendy's back, her expression solemn. "Your father is busy right now. It's a crucial time for the Alonso family's development! I heard that once this business deal goes through, our family's position will be even more secure! You know why Presley has been wary of us, right? He's shrewder than us and knows more about the Alonso family's affairs! So rest assured, your father is on your side! Just stay quiet and behave until his business is settled!"

Wendy gradually calmed down and looked up at Grace. "When do you think that will be?"

"I don't know. But you just bear with it a bit longer. When the time comes, Chloe will pay back double for the pain and injuries you've suffered!"

A bitter smile finally appeared on Wendy's face. "…yes, I'll make her pay back double for everything I've suffered today!" Before that, she planned to torture her slowly.

Back at Peck's Manor, Chloe was fuming. Despite her actions today, Wendy had intentionally tried to harm her unborn child, which made her extremely angry.

This woman, Wendy, was like a nasty stain that wouldn't come out! No matter what she did, she couldn't get rid of her!

When she thought about how Wendy had found out about her pregnancy today and intentionally tried to push her down the stairs, her grip on the steering wheel tightened, and a cold expression appeared on her face.

If she let her stick around, she'd only create more problems.

Back at Peck's Manor, just as she stepped into the living room, the scene there made her stop in her tracks. Looking around the room, she suddenly felt a headache coming on.

Yasmine was sitting on the sofa, ans she glanced at Chloe. "Now that she's back, why don't you ask her directly."

Sitting on the opposite sofa, Elizabeth stood up, walked up to Chloe, took her hand, and said, "Chloe, long time no see! I've missed you."

Chloe forced a smile. “It’s my fault. I haven’t visited you for a few days…"

Before Chloe could finish, Yasmine coughed sternly.


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