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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1305

Damon was currently standing at the staircase, his dark gaze intensely focused on Chloe.

When she glanced over, he subtly shifted his gaze, landing on the grilled salmon she held in her hand.

Suddenly, Chloe felt the salmon in her hand burning. But this was not the time to think about that. How dare he show up here so boldly?

She quickly gave him a look, hinting at him to hide. But Damon didn’t budge, his gaze stubbornly fixed on the salmon in her hand, as if challenging it.

Seeing Chloe’s face, Yasmine narrowed her eyes slightly and looked towards the staircase. Her brows furrowed. The staircase was empty, nothing there.

Looking back at Chloe, she seemed to have let out a sigh of relief.

Feeling Yasmine’s gaze, Chloe’s heart quickened, and she felt a bit uneasy. Her mother was too sharp, and she always felt that sooner or later, her mother would find out something. Even now, she might have noticed something.

“Guys, Chloe's been staying home lately. Your son couldn’t possibly be here. Please don’t appear in front of my daughter until you sort out your family issues. Of course, that includes your son…”

Hearing this, Elizabeth was a bit disgruntled, finally shifting her attention away from Winston. “Yasmine, don’t be so heartless! Chloe and Damon love each other, you're breaking their relationship!”

Yasmine calmly replied, “I don’t want to be like the elders in your family. And we're not family right now. I understand your family values, so we won't insist. My daughter is wonderful. It's no problem for her to find a good man. Like her and Winston, they grew up together, their relationship is stable, they know each other well, they're living together now, and their feelings are heating up... If you don’t believe me, just look at Chloe and him standing together, don't they look great together?”

Elizabeth glanced at Winston and Chloe, they really did. He was handsome, and she was beautiful.

She couldn’t help but nod, whispering, “They really do look good together…”

Chloe was speechless. Hearing this, a faint smile appeared on Winston's usually expressionless face. He reached out, put his arm around Chloe's shoulder, and gently pulled her closer. “Ms. Yasmine, rest assured, I’ll take good care of Chloe.”

Chloe frowned slightly, Winston lowered his head, his voice filled with a gentle smile as he took the grilled salmon from Chloe. “Go eat, it’ll get cold.”

Seeing the two standing close together, Elizabeth got a bit anxious, pointing at Winston, wishing she could separate them. "Let go... Though you're very handsome, Chloe is my daughter-in-law now!"

Even while protesting, she didn't forget to compliment Winston's handsomeness. How will Elizabeth explain this to her jealous husband, Mr. Royce, when she gets home? But Chloe didn’t even have the chance to feel helpless. A familiar figure suddenly appeared in front of her, taking her away from Winston's arms.

One moment, Chloe was surprised, the next moment, she thought, “Crap.”

The entire living room fell silent. All eyes were on the man who suddenly appeared, and no one said a word.

Yasmine slightly furrowed her brows, watching the man forcefully snatch Chloe from Winston's arms, a glint of light flashed in her eyes.

Damon was glaring at Winston across the room, his hostility quite clear.


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