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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1306

Elizabeth mused, turning to look at Damon who was standing beside her. She had been ready to comfort him at any moment, but it seemed like she wouldn't get that chance after all.

Damon was expressionless, looking down at Chloe with a somewhat cold voice. "You hungry?"

Damon's unexpected question took Chloe by surprise, causing her to utter an involuntary, "Huh."

Without wasting any time, Damon walked over and snatched the grilled salmon from Winston's hand. 'Snatched' would be a much better word to describe it than 'took'.

Winston was speechless. He watched as Damon took the salmon and led Chloe straight to the dining room. For a moment, the whole house was silent, all eyes were on them. It wasn't until they disappeared from sight that everyone started to recover.

Damon's low and gruff voice resounded from the living room. "Do you want this?"


There was a moment of silence, followed by the sound of dishes clattering against the table.


With Chloe trapped in her chair by Damon, she had no choice but to eat. Seeing the red chili in the dish, Damon frowned.

Just when Chloe was about to enjoy the food, the utensils were snatched away by Damon.

"…What's wrong?"

"Is this clean?"

Damon asked, his expression serious.

Unfazed, Chloe reassured him, "It's fine. Winston wouldn't buy anything that could be a health risk…"

Her voice trailed off as she noticed Damon's stern look.

"This restaurant is quite famous." She quickly added, hoping to reassure him. The grilled salmon from this place was known for its quality, and it had a great reputation.

But Damon still handed the utensils back to Chloe with an icy expression. "Eat."

The silence in the dining room left everyone in the living room speechless.

What was up with this guy? Someone was insulting him, saying he was kept like a little boyfriend and he didn't react at all?

Chloe only ate a few bites and then slowed down.This didn't seem like the right time to quietly enjoy her meal.

"Don't you like it?" Damon asked her softly. Chloe shook her head.

"It's okay."

Damon served her some more food. "Then eat more."

Chloe sighed. Did he even realize the situation they were in?

At that moment, the people in the living room also shifted their attention to them. Watching Damon casually picking out pieces of salmon for Chloe, they couldn't help but feel helpless.

"It seems Mr. Harper doesn't care about his image…"

Their laughter filled the room. They never thought their stern CEO could be so amusing.

Unable to refute his words, Yasmine suddenly realized the extent of a man's shamelessness. This was the first time she couldn't argue back.

After Damon finished eating with Chloe, he led her out of the dining room, protecting her from everyone else. He was afraid that if he wasn't careful, Chloe would be taken away by someone.


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