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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1307

Yasmine nodded, then she looked up at her, and fell silent for a while.

Chloe was a bit lost. "...What's up?"

"Are you sure you've made the right choice this time? Is it him?"

Chloe blinked, then gently hooked her lips into a smile and nodded.

"Only him."

Although this wasn't a direct answer, it struck a deeper chord.

However, Yasmine's expression didn't change. Instead, she furrowed her brows and fell silent for a good while. "And what about him? Does he feel the same way, only you, no one else?"

"He won't have anyone else. He's a good guy... You should get to know him a bit, now that he's brought you back this time..."

Yasmine scoffed lightly. "I don't know him."

Chloe didn't know what to say for a moment, but Yasmine suddenly laughed, looking up at Chloe with bitterness in her eyes. "If I could really see a man for who he is, I wouldn't have chosen your father in the first place, nor would I have let you get engaged to Lance..."

...nor would I have been deceived by a man I'd been with for over a decade and was ready to spend my life with, only to have him point a gun at me for another woman...

Her deep gaze quivered slightly. When she looked back, Chloe was quietly looking at her. She adjusted her expression, returning to her usual self. "As long as you don't regret it, that's fine."

After a pause, she added, "Even if you regret it, it's your own choice. I just hope you can stick to it and not let me see you falling apart."

Chloe nodded. "I won't, but what about you?"

Yasmine's brows twitched slightly. "What about me?"

"Why did you choose my father? Did you love him?"

Yasmine glanced at her. "You should worry more about yourself when you have time."

Chloe was a bit helpless; she could never have a deep conversation with her mother. Trying to know something about her past was like climbing a sky-high ladder. "Alright, you just got back and seem a bit flustered, did something happen?"

Recalling the past was something Yasmine herself didn't want to do. She wasn't a fool, nor did she enjoy wallowing in sorrow, especially not for a man. She didn't deny her feelings, nor was she trying to hide anything.

This was already the lowest she could go. Some people said she was too rational, even when it came to feelings. Maybe, but there was no helping it.

She couldn't stand the idea of pouring out her feelings, only to end up with nothing and needing someone else's pity.

She wasn't that kind of person. Her dignity and her pride prevented her from always being the weak one, the loser. Not mentioning things, not thinking about them, allowed her to continue living as peacefully as anyone else.

Chloe pursed her lips slightly. "I'm considering what to do with the Alonso family. I don't want to drag the Alonso matter any longer, Wendy is just too annoying."

Yasmine nodded. "Wait a bit longer."

Chloe softly responded, and the living room fell silent for a few seconds. Yasmine elegantly picked up her cup and took a sip of coffee.

"…Mom, I'm pregnant."

Hearing this news, Yasmine's cup in her hand trembled slightly, spilling a bit of coffee. Then she looked up at Chloe, blinking involuntarily. "What did you say?"


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