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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1330

The conversation had clearly not gone well, and the brand managers' faces were turning sour. "You'd better give us a satisfactory answer on this contract termination, or we'll see you in court!"

"Beat it! All of you!" Wendy yelled in rage, slamming everything off her desk onto the floor. The sound resonated throughout the floor.

The secretary nearby wore an indifferent expression, feeling sorry for herself for having such an unreasonabl3e and hot-tempered boss.

She could've lived a cushy life as a rich girl but chose to make a fool of herself instead. No matter how wealthy, no one was above receiving backlash.

In today's society, public opinion mattered a lot! If someone took the matter to court, even the Alonso family’s wealth wouldn't help. Their status would only fuel the flames, wouldn't it?

This rich girl sure knew how to make a spectacle of herself, causing one scandal after another. She was at odds with Ms. Summers and being the most hostile in the room. When things didn’t go her way, she threw a tantrum. What nerve she ha

Just her luck! She was stuck working under Wendy. Now she was probably going to be jobless soon!

Wendy already had a bad reputation for messing up perfectly good businesses. They would probably struggle to find endorsements or projects in the future.

She wished she could work at Starlight International, with a boss like Ms. Summers… Just thinking about working under Ms. Summers made her happy.

Infinity Media employees were too embarrassed to admit where they worked. They couldn't even look Starlight International employees in the eye. All of it was because of this spoiled rich girl! Her foolish actions were a source of shame for everyone.

Chloe had just had a refreshing nap, and now she was lazily propped up in bed, taking a call -

"You want to renegotiate the contract… what's there to talk about, you've already signed with someone else, haven't you?"

"You're in the conference room? I can't make it right now…"

"You're willing to offer a higher endorsement fee? Let's talk about it later…"

The secretary couldn't help chuckling at Chloe's words. Ms. Summers could be quite cunning at times. If these brands chose to sign with Infinity Media without hesitation, why should they get to change their minds now? Not so easy, was it?

Everyone knew Ms. Summers held grudges, yet no one could stay mad at her! She was just too cool!

"But Ms. Summers, a couple of Infinity Media's artists and agents have been sneaking around trying to get information about you. They seem to want to work with us."

Hearing this, Chloe raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

The secretary continued, "Infinity Media has a lot of artists. I heard some agents came today, saying most of their artists would want to come with them if we agreed. I think the quality of Infinity Media's artists varies. If we take all of them, it might be a burden…"

After all, not all artists were famous. Some were good, some not so much.

Chloe considered this, her eyes brightening with a mischievous glint.

"Arrange a meeting with those artists and agents who are interested. I want to meet them."

"Ms. Summers, you're not… really going to take all of them, are you?"

"Not exactly. Our company is small, and I won't bite off more than I can chew. Don't worry."

The secretary chuckled. "I'm not worried."


After hanging up, Chloe immediately opened WhatsApp and looked up Seth Diaz.

"Are you there?"


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