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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 2934

Madeline was pacing back and forth, her anxiety levels through the roof. "Mom, have you lost your mind? Why on earth did you call Domingo? Now they all know where Regina is. You've just ruined everything. What were you thinking?"

But Imogen was beyond reasoning. Tears streaming down her face, she slapped Madeline across the face. "You scared me to death! What if he had hurt you? How could you expect me to live with that? I raised you, and you think I could just watch you walk into danger? I told you to stay away from Domingo, but you went behind my back. And now this mess? Are you out of your mind? I just wanted us to live a peaceful life. Why can’t you just listen?"

Madeline was fuming. Ever since her mom got pregnant again, she seemed to have given up on dealing with Regina. But Madeline couldn't let it go. Regina was like a thorn in her side, a constant irritation. Without getting rid of her, Madeline felt like she couldn't breathe.

"Don’t you know I have feelings for Nolan? But she took him from me. How do you expect me to just stand by? There can only be one of us!"

Her words were cold, but she didn't expect Francis to suddenly burst through the door, catching both women off guard.

Imogen, tears still in her eyes, was shocked. "Francis, let me explain. Madeline was just joking..."

Madeline's face fell. She didn't know how to face Francis. Her heart was heavy with guilt. In front of Regina, her hatred felt justified. But Francis had always been good to her, and now, calling out for the death of his daughter felt unbearable.

He scoffed, "So, it turns out I’ve been raising a wolf in sheep's clothing. Have I treated you poorly? You know the answer. And yet, this is how you repay me? Plotting against my daughter with your biological father. Impressive, Madeline Tanner. No, you're Madeline Skinner. Seems like you've never forgotten your last name. My mistake was letting the wolf into the house, only to put my own daughter in jeopardy."

"No! Dad, please don’t say that. It's all my fault. If I hadn’t been so blind, Domingo wouldn't have been able to manipulate me like this. You have to believe me! Domingo has ulterior motives. He wanted to get back with Mom, drive a wedge between us, hoping you’d divorce and he could swoop in. Please, you have to believe me. I never intended for any of this to happen!"

Imogen glared at her daughter.

Madeline was indeed her mother’s daughter, throwing even Imogen under the bus to clear her name. But what she failed to see was that at this point, Francis would never believe a word she said.


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