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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 2938

Nolan still shuddered when he thought back on it, but Regina soothed him by gently touching his forehead, saying, “I knew you'd come for me, just like you always do. I love you, Nolan.”

Her confession of love wasn't new; she'd whispered those words during a moment of vulnerability before. But now, fully awake and with a hint of a smile, her declaration seemed to carry even more weight, making Nolan blush.

“I love you too,” he managed to say.

Regina didn't stay in the hospital for long, quickly returning to the Harris Mansion.

As the elders had predicted, Regina's health wasn't in serious jeopardy. Staying in the hospital only seemed to slow her recovery. It was better for her to be home, where she could be looked after properly.

Nolan avoided bringing up Regina’s work, but she took the initiative to resign from New Blossom Press herself. Her current condition wasn't suited for delving into investigative cases anymore, especially since Nolan had already handed over the evidence to the police. They would handle it from there.

Nolan was pleasantly surprised when he heard the news.

Regina, with a playful smile, asked him, “Don’t you want us to have a chance to enjoy our honeymoon? I've been looking forward to it.”

Nolan had hinted at the idea more times than he could count, but Regina hadn’t been able to give him a straight answer while she was still employed. Now, free from her job, she had all the time in the world to spend with him.

Overjoyed, Nolan scooped Regina up from the couch, spinning her around. “This is wonderful!” He planted a kiss on her cheek, the sound crisp and affectionate.

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