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The Kiss that Sparked it All novel Chapter 2936

After speaking her piece, Imogen walked away without a backward glance, not showing any signs of attachment or regret. She was carrying the future she and Francis hoped for within her, so how could she possibly place all her bets on Madeline?

Since the girl was proving to be disobedient, Imogen decided to put her hopes in the son she was carrying instead.

Madeline liked running off to Domingo, didn't she? Well, then she could spend the rest of her life with him.

After all, raising this daughter had drained her of her energy.

Madeline's early years were Imogen's responsibility; it was only fair that Domingo takes over for the latter half.


The only consolation Nolan had was that Domingo hadn't played any tricks on him; it seemed he genuinely cared for his daughter.

Nolan led his team directly to the dilapidated house.

They had cautiously chosen a rundown house in a remote village.

When he burst through the door, he found Regina, small and alone, lying on the ground, neglected.

The others waited for Domingo's command; without it, they wouldn't dare make a move.

But before they knew it, a swarm of police officers had them surrounded.

It was a loss indeed.

Regina held on, but after what felt like ages, why hadn't anyone come for her? Though she hadn't been drugged, her consciousness was fading.

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