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The Omega's Sweetest Revenge novel Chapter 65

END: The Alpha's Side (Part I)





WHEN I FOUND out about my other side, I loathed myself so much. Of all people... why does it have to be me? Why do I have to have it too? I've been a good boy when I was young despite the cold treatment of my mother before. Even though I was young, I could still feel the fear of the helpers on me. Only Nadia was good enough for me despite me being a... monster.


Monster. That's what I heard from the other pups before after what I did to Bryan... the kid that I killed because of not controlling my own demon. I was so scared of myself. I was so mad too for doing that to a kid. I became aloof from the other kids and only Calyx has the courage to go near me. I tried shooing him away but he was so persistent! Until I didn't shoo him away anymore. He's my most genuine friend and brother.


Sighing, a memory from my childhood suddenly rushed in her mind like a whirlwind...


"Never let anyone know about what happened to that kid named Bryan. Anyone who will make a word about it will be punished." 


I could hear my mother talking to someone in thd library before. She was so furious to the point that I could hear a loud thud on a table. I remained standing outside the library as I listened to her. I was curious when she mentioned... Bryan.


"And find the writer who published this damn book! How dare he or she publish here about my son being a..." She paused a bit and sighed deeply. "What happened will never be released in public!"


"Yes, Luna."


"Make sure you do this clean. I just want to protect my son. He's still so young to experience being judged like that! I will never let anyone look down on him. He's the future alpha of the pack and I'll do everything to not taint his name while he's still young..."


With that, I straightened my back with my now teary eyes. My mother wanted to protect me... I heard it loud and clear. It warms my heart that I couldn't help but to cry.


I could still hear her talking but then what she said earlier really warms my heart. I wasn't able to move in my position until the door suddenly opened revealing my mother. I looked up to him and didn't bother to wipe the tears on my eyes anymore.


"My son... darling. Don't worry. I got this. I will protect you. I'm sorry for everything," she said as she suddenly wrapped me in a warm hug. I couldn't help but to cry even more. 


I've been waiting for this... I've been waiting for this to finally happen. I savored every moment with my mother. 


"I love you, Mama..." I whispered while sobbing, still hugging her tightly.


"I love you too, son." She caressed my hair and kissed my forehead.


That scene became my strength... my reason to fight my demon and locked it at the deepest part of my system. And I did... I was able to keep it hidden. It all went well. 


I became the better version of myself. I trained as the next alpha. I also gained more confidence and made everyone proud of all my achievements. And what I really like the most that happened to me was... her. 


My Luna. My Queen. My Love. 



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