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The Omega's Sweetest Revenge novel Chapter 67

END: The Alpha's Side (Part III)




I AM HONESTLY doubting her. Can I really trust her? She introduced herself as Tatianna, the moon goddess. I don't know if she's even real and if I should really trust her.


"I gave your Luna a mission to eliminate all the darkness and evilness in this world. She is my chosen one," Tatianna said as she smiled a bit. "I admire her courage so much. I know how painful it is for her to... also kill you."


My brows furrowed even more. And then the next moment, she's already telling me about Lilian's mission and her being the chosen one, the reason why she suddenly has a bigger wolf than an ordinary wolf should have. 


I was in awe as I listened to Tatianna. It took a couple of seconds before I fully absorbed what she's saying. 


But then something inside me was telling me that I should believe her. So, I trusted her and I let her help me even though it was hard for me. 


"This will take a long. You need to fully remove the demon in your system," she said with her most serious tone.


"I understand," I answered.


"But... are you really willing to wait? What you're about to do is a bit risky. Other than that, you will have to be away from your... family."


That made me think a bit. Am I really willing to wait? Of course. Because if that's will actually take to be more deserving to Lilian, then so be it.


"Your wolf will be at risk. There's no guarantee that he will survive as I fully remove the demon."


I gulped. My wolf is so precious to me. I don't know if I could even afford to lose him. But then, I wanted to be more deserving to Lilian. That's what matters the most.


"Yes, I'm willing to r-risk it..." I answered half-heartedly as I felt something stirred inside me. I could feel how my wolf whimpered in sadness. But then, I also know that he will also understand my decision soon. 


"Okay. Just hold on. Your family is waiting for you. Your Luna is pregnant again. 


I gasped in surprise. My Lilian is... pregnant again? Oh, goddess. I didn't expect to know this way. I felt useless again. I felt so sad knowing that I won't be around her again for the second time. 


"This should be quick then. I want to be with her sooner," I said with my most determined tone as I sighed deeply.


Tatianna nodded before she uttered something that made me wrapped inside a ball of light. 


It was painful as hell. I didn't know how I even survived it all. I felt like I was already losing my consciousness but then, I thought about Lilian and our unborn child. I don't want to be away from her again. So, I better not fuck this up for the ninth time and I should be strong for them. 


It indeed took so much time. When I woke up, I came back again but things had changed. I'm no longer the alpha that everyone thought of me before. It was a good thing that I didn't lose my wolf but then, he became weaker. However, I'm so grateful that he made it. We both survived it together.


I came back but don't have the courage to be the alpha again of my previous pack. But I don't take it in a negative way. My Lilian... she was able to rule the pack while taking care of our child. I saw it all. I saw how she grew into a fine woman and a mother. And I was a coward for not going to her sooner and just watched her from afar. There are times that she would even smell my scent and cry when she wouldn't find me. I was more than willing to go to her but at the back of my mind, I thought that it's still not time. 


Until I didn't notice the time anymore. When I first saw my son who looked like me, I felt like I was on cloud nine. He's just so like me. And I loved him the first time I looked at him. He grew up as a nice and kind kid, just like his Mama.


"I'm your father. Let's keep this as a secret first," I said to Killian when he's near the falls again.


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