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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1254


Simon's eyes widened as soon as he saw Molly.

"I'm really sorry. But if I kill you, I can get two hundred and fifty million. Then I can confront my dad's organization, sever his ties and he won't be hunted or threatened by anyone anymore," Molly said seriously to Simon.

Those beautiful eyes looked very sincere.

"No..." Simon was extremely terrified; he wanted to struggle and shout for help. But he couldn't move, nor could he make a sound.

"My dad taught me, before attacking someone much stronger, make them powerless first. My drugs are really good. You can't struggle no matter how hard you try."

With that, Molly raised the chef's knife.

Seeing this, Simon hurriedly said, "Are you going to kill for the person who harmed your father?"

Molly's knife stopped mid-air: "Is my father dead?"

"He took my mission to kill the person who put a bounty on my head and her child. He was caught a few days ago. I can't reach him, and I guess he might have been killed!" Simon's voice gradually faded, he could only whisper, "You can't help the person who killed your father to kill me!!"

Molly's eyes widened momentarily, then she looked at Simon and said, "I'll earn this two hundred and fifty million first, if dad really has been killed, I'll take revenge later."

After she said this, she didn't give Simon any more chance to argue for himself.

Simon didn't even have the chance to leave a last word before he was beheaded by her.

Molly took a wet wipe out of her pocket, slowly cleaning the blood off her face. She then picked up Simon's head, and looked up at the window.

She had noticed long ago, that this position was an excellent escape route, not within the patrol range of the royal guard on three sides. So, she slid down a big water pipe with Simon's head.

She put on the raincoat she had prepared, avoided the patrol's line of sight, and calmly left.

"You're so good, why didn't you escape earlier?" Rosalynn asked in shock.


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