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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1266

"We're all pals here, no need to be formal!"

These words got Rosalynn thinking.

She wondered where Ivy, who went to school every day, had learned such adult social etiquette.

A sudden sense of unease crept into her heart.

Was it because Ivy was too young, or because she hadn't grown up in a dangerous environment?

Had she considered Molly, whom she had just met, as a trusted friend?

What if she encountered a bad guy?

Was this the type of person her father had once warned her about, someone who could be deceived without realizing it and unable to fight back?

"Yes, we're pals!" Molly said, holding her candy a bit more firmly.

Since Ivy trusted her like this, she would never let her be deceived!

Rosalynn, looking at Molly's determined face in the rearview mirror, was both amused and touched.

What was this kid thinking about, all because of a piece of candy?

Upon leaving the school, Ivy immediately spotted the car parked on the opposite side of the street.

"Wayne!" she said quickly to Rosalynn.

Rosalynn sighed, "It's your dad, do you want to go to his car?"

"Mhm!" Ivy nodded.

Rosalynn drove the car over.

Before the car had even stopped, Wayne was out of his car.

Rosalynn rolled down the window.

Wayne came over first, gently stroking her cheek, "Everything sorted out?"

"Pretty much, just have to take the test in a few days," Rosalynn answered.

Originally, Wayne was strongly against letting Molly get too close to him.


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