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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1267

Molly's gaze shifted back.

She thought to herself, Rosalynn's two kids looked fragile and in need of protection.

"Molly, how do you feel?" Rosalynn asked from ahead.

Molly looked at her, "I might let Ableson and Mike down. I can't be a regular little girl."

Rosalynn was momentarily taken aback.

What she meant to ask was about Molly's feelings towards school.

"A regular little girl?" Rosalynn was puzzled.

"Like your daughter..." Molly said, hanging her head low.

She had learned many words and read many books recently.

But when she needed to express herself, she couldn't remember any of them.

"Gentle... sweet... like a little sun," she slowly described, then looked up at Rosalynn and shook her head, "I am the complete opposite."

Rosalynn was a little shocked.

After thinking for a while, Rosalynn didn't drive off immediately, but found a parking spot.

"Aren't we going?" Molly was a bit confused, "Did I say something wrong?"

"No," Rosalynn stretched out lazily, patting her shoulder lightly, "Just felt like having some ice cream. Wanna come with?"

Molly obediently replied, "Sure."

Soon, Rosalynn and Molly walked into a nearby convenience store and bought two cones.

The weather was already chilly.

Holding the ice cream, their hands were numbed by the cold.

Rosalynn and Molly sat under a big tree.

After a few bites, she suddenly asked, "You said you're the complete opposite of Ivy. In what way?"

Molly didn't expect the conversation to circle back while they were eating ice cream.

But she was willing to discuss it.


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