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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1275

Then, Rosalynn heard the man groaning on the ground, cursing in agony. “Bloody Rosso family, trampling all over Heatherway's dignity and pride. She just died, and here you guys are, making deals with her killer! You're no sister to Heatherway!”

Rosalynn raised an eyebrow.

“No wonder that guy was so mad.” She turned to Wayne. “Heatherway's dead?”

Sean, who had just seen off a few members of the Rosso family, arrived in time to hear Rosalynn's question.

Concerned that Rosalynn might misunderstand Wayne, he quickly clarified. “Ms. Tesdal, President Silverman didn't know about this, the Rosso family didn't make it public either.”

“Did you know?” Rosalynn looked at Sean.

Sean relayed the news to Rosalynn.

“What's her death gotta do with us?” Wayne grumbled, clearly impatient. “Look into this guy's identity, how he managed to sneak into Bane Corp Center. Fire the supervisor on duty for this huge security breach!”

“Got it.” Sean responded.

It had been a while since he last saw Wayne this livid.

He instinctively looked at Rosalynn.

Rosalynn nodded at him, indicating that he should follow Wayne's orders.

Sean quickly left the room.

“Chill out.” Rosalynn turned to Wayne. “We need to check on Ms. Annie at the hospital.”

She re-watched the video.

The video didn't clearly show the extent of Ms. Annie's injuries.

When the man charged, Annie's assistant instinctively acted as a shield.

Annie had been taken to a nearby hospital.


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