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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1276

Just as she left the hospital, Sean called.

"Got the guy's ID. He's Heatherway's friend. He flew in together, based on the flight info of Ms. Annie. He knew that Ms. Annie was coming to Bane Corporation today, so he hid in a cleaning cart last night and stayed in the garage overnight." Sean paused slightly, "Secretary Tesdal, what do you plan to do with him?"

Rosalynn glanced at Wayne, saying, "Just send him to the police."

"Roger that."

After hanging up, Rosalynn lifted her hand and lightly touched Wayne's gloomy face, asking, "What's up?"

Wayne looked at her, "Everyone knows what Heatherway did to you. If she hadn't fabricated those test results, I wouldn't have..."

His brows were tightly furrowed, and seeing him like this made Rosalynn uncomfortable.

Because of Heatherway, he missed six years with his loved one and children.

"What right do they have to act like we owe Heatherway something?" Wayne's voice was low.

If Rosalynn hadn't been there, he didn't know if he could've stayed calm.

"People can't come back from the dead, and besides, do you really think those test results would've mattered if you trusted me?" Rosalynn's tone was somewhat indifferent.

Wayne stiffened, clearly taken aback by Rosalynn's words.

"That's in the past, and it won't happen again..." Wayne reached out to hold Rosalynn's hand.

Rosalynn didn't pull away.

"Let the past be the past." She looked at Wayne, "Don't get stuck in the past."


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