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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1277

"What's that supposed to mean?" a colleague from the studio once asked her the reason

"Ms. Annie's pen cap is busted, I was planning to buy her a new one as a gift." Rosalynn responded.

"Or maybe I can find someone to fix it for you?"

"I'll ask Ms. Annie first."

"Sure thing!"

Rosalynn put down her phone and instinctively looked at Wayne, who happened to be looking at her.

"What's up?"

Wayne's eyes were slightly red.

Rosalynn moved closer to him, her hand gently resting on his cheek, asking softly, "Didn't we agree not to dwell on the past?"

Wayne looked down, settling into Rosalynn's arms.

"I'm not dwelling."

Rosalynn hugged him tightly.

To be honest, Wayne's recent state sometimes felt a bit off.

After the next hospital visit to check his brain hematoma, she needed to figure out a way to take him to see a psychologist.

At the hospital, after Caleb's wound had been stitched up, he went straight to the ward to visit Annie.

"How are you doing?" Annie asked immediately when she saw him come in.

Caleb smiled, "Just lost a bit of blood, nothing serious!"

"This is a work-related injury, the company will cover all your medical expenses. I really appreciate you, if it wasn't for you taking that hit, I would probably be meeting God right now." Annie gave a bitter smile.

"You don't have to be so polite, I just did what I had to do." Caleb said, frowning slightly, "We found the lunatic. What a nut job, even if he wanted to take revenge on Heatherway, he shouldn't have picked you!"

Annie was fiddling with the pen.

"Wayne's bodyguards are as tight as a drum, he couldn't find another target, so he picked me." Her tone was flat.

She didn't seem too upset about the assassination attempt.

"Your pen is broken!" Caleb exclaimed when he saw the pen, "This is your favorite pen!"


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