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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1278

"I've saved two years' worth of pocket money. I'm pretty awesome, right?"

"Sister, I hope you're always lucky!"

"You're my favorite, sister!"

"Sister... I can't lose him. Without him, I can't live, I really can't..."

Her thoughts started to gather again.

She gripped the pen in her hand.


All of a sudden, the rain started turning into snow.

Ivy and Cory were sitting in front of the large window in the living room, watching the foggy lawn and the orchard in the distance.

"Good thing I went out to play this morning, or I wouldn't have been able to with the rain," Ivy said.

Cory nodded.

Then he bent his head back to his physics problems.

He was going to a physics competition next week.

Calvin, who's always lived in warm places, was not used to the cold weather.

Even with the underfloor heating on, he wrapped himself up like a big bear, and even brought over a small stool to sit next to Ivy, looking quite worn out.

Ivy looked at him, thought for a while, then asked, "Uncle Calvin, can't you find a proper adult chair? Once you sit down, we can't even see the stool!"

"We don't have adult-sized stools at home," Calvin said, then pulled out a woodworking guide from his pocket, "Once the weather gets better, I'll buy some wood and make one!"

"Sounds good!"

Ivy gave him a thumbs up, then looked back out the window.

Questions occasionally popped into her head.

For instance, would the grass on the lawn die from the cold?

And what about the vegetables in the garden?


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