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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1279

Giving your all to a man who doesn't love you back... What a waste.

In the study, Wayne was seriously tutoring Ivy.

But Ivy seemed to have no interest in studying at all.

About ten minutes later, Ivy just shut the book, laid her head on the desk, squinted at Wayne and asked, "Why aren't you happy?"

This was the first time Ivy had asked him such a question in a long time.

Wayne's eyes were a bit sore, and he didn't understand why he was unhappy either.

Ever since he saw Annie and mentioned Heatherway and that incident, Wayne felt like there was a rock in his heart.

"I've done some wrong things in the past," Wayne replied softly, "Suddenly thinking about them, I feel guilty and sad."

After thinking for a while, Ivy asked, "Did you hurt someone?"

Wayne nodded. He almost deprived this lovely little angel of her chance to come into the world.

"Did that person forgive you?" Ivy asked.

"Maybe." Wayne thought for a while. He wasn't really sure if Rosa had truly forgiven him or if she just didn't want to stir up more trouble, so she had to bear with him.

"If that person forgave you, then you don't need to blame yourself so much." Ivy hesitated for a moment, then put her small hand on the back of Wayne's hand, "I don't know many people, but you're the best among them."

Wayne's eyes flickered.

"Honey, can I hug you?"

Ivy got up from her seat and approached Wayne. Wayne embraced her, and she reciprocated by patting his back gently, saying, "Don't be sad anymore. Everything will be alright. If you're sad, Mom will be unhappy too. Don't worry, tonight I'll prepare a delicious meal for you!"

With a maturity beyond her years, Ivy continued to console him. The sadness in Wayne's heart gradually dissipated.

"I'll cook together with you!" Ivy suggested.


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