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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1280

Rosalynn chuckled, "Why do I get the feeling that President Silverman's work ethic has been slacking off lately? Weren't you always a workaholic?"

In the end, Rosalynn was dragged by Wayne to attend a meeting.

After the meeting, it was dinner time.

Ivy walked the talk, she made a salad for dinner and boiled two very pretty eggs.

Rosalynn and Wayne each had one egg.

Cory, due to a slight allergy to eggs, couldn't have any.

But Ivy promised to learn to make other delicious dishes, especially for Cory.

After dinner, Wayne still had a ton of work to handle.

Rosalynn spent some time playing with Cory and Ivy.

Mike walked in from outside.

"What happened to your face?" Rosalynn asked in surprise when she saw Mike.

There was a bruise under Mike's right eye.

"Oh, it happened when I was playing with Molly and she accidentally hit me," Mike explained somewhat awkwardly.

In fact, it wasn't just an accident, he had let his guard down.

"You guys play with her all the time?" Rosalynn said helplessly.

"We had no choice. She was doing her homework, I just happened to pass by, and then I got hit." He got a bit worked up, causing the wound on his face to hurt even more.

Rosalynn imagined the scene.

"Did you come to tattle?" Rosalynn asked.

Mike immediately responded seriously, "Some minor injuries are inevitable when playing, why would I tattle? It's just that..."

Mike walked over, "Molly wants a weapon."

"A weapon?"


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