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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1281

As Felix learned the truth, he was on the verge of losing control.

Rosalynn said, "What's the use of losing control? The trajectory of her life depends on the guidance of her parents. How did you educate her in the past? What values did you impart to her? She will live her life according to that direction."

Felix paused for a moment and quickly replied, "I only taught her how to escape, how to protect herself, how to..."

His words suddenly trailed off. Besides those things, Molly had also seen him fighting the people who were after him. He had shared many of his past combat experiences with Molly. They would even sit by the roadside occasionally, watching people pass by, as he told her the vulnerable points of the human body.

Felix's intention was that if Molly were ever kidnapped in the future, knowing the weaknesses of the human body would allow her to quickly counterattack and gain time to escape. His purpose was not to teach Molly to kill.


From another perspective, what he taught could indeed be more effective in taking someone's life.

Felix covered his head and crouched down.

He had heard about Simon being beheaded, and now the royal family couldn't even find a trace of the killer. And now, knowing that the killer was his ten-year-old daughter, Molly, Felix's worldview was crumbling.

Mike looked at Rosalynn.

Rosalynn gently shook her head at him, indicating that he should stay standing.

After a moment, Felix gradually calmed down.

He let out a deep breath: "Mrs. Silverman, thank you so much for taking us in during this period. I understand your concerns about Molly. I will take her away tomorrow and will not let her pose any threat to anyone in your family."

"So, you plan to continue living a life on the run with your daughter?" Rosalynn asked coldly.

Felix's hand trembled violently.

Truth be told, this was the most peaceful time he and Molly had had. She has even started going to school and was doing well.


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